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Lonely and divorced

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  • Birthday October 6

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    I finally had sex with another TT member!!! It was absolutely fantastic , I just wish we had more time.
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    I don’t have just one.
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    I have a very high sex drive. I’m a heterosexual female who is looking for a man to have a monogamous , sensual, passionate relationship. A wild fuck fest.
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    Upstate N.Y.
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    Currently 29 plus 1 Symbian sex machine.!!!❤️
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    60’s Female

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    I’m an avid reader. I love listening to music.Almost all genres. I like to dance and watch a movie occasionally.. I love shoes and beautiful lingerie!! I also love to suck cock and swallow cum.
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    Upstate N.Y.
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  1. Yes it would be. Some morning 69 and then a fabulous fuck.😊🌞
  2. Great story. Hope you write more after your next rendezvous.🌞🙏
  3. Fantastic body! Wish we could see your cock.😊
  4. Hi and welcome. Love the outfit and pic. Have fun.🌞
  5. I do when I play about a chat buddy or two but not always.
  6. Hi Everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful romantic , sex filled day.
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