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    One of my girl friends and I went to the museum for dinner and a lecture. we came home and had wine and lots of good
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    Buzzy buddy
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    I have lots of tats and love playing doctor...yum
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    Los Angeles
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    45 female

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    Lost of sex with hubby, girl friend, and alone.
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  1. I like when my husband cums on my thigh highs....yikes
  2. I love tribbing. I mostly have fur, but I am shaved now and then
  3. Sometimes we all play together. Love opening her up after hubby cums inside of her
  4. I had a great Christmas and holiday. Played with hubby and his Christmas present was seeing my cervix. I showed my girls friend too, and I go to see hers.
  5. I love playing doctor with other women...nooo men for this. I get very aroused when I get my check up even when I go to my real doctor (female of course) for my regular visits. I don't remember exactly how it stated, but when I went for my first physical things started to heat up. This was not a gyno exam just a regular visit.
  6. interesting for sure. dildos are so much fun. I also like seeing my husband cum and squirt
  7. Nice one. similar to my husbands
  8. I love playing doctor and in fact I like to go to the gynecologist. I have a speculum at home and use it frequently
  9. I have been into other women since I was a girl. Married, but still play with my girl friends. I also masturbate frequently. I hope you are enjoying yourself. Lindy
  10. Hi there, I am married, but I am also bisexual. I have some girl friends that I hang out with and we do have sex. I have lots of tattoos and D cup breasts. I think you would enjoy some girl/girl loving Lindy
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