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  1. Dirty Talk

    I am a very shy not so voicterouse person outside the bedroom. But in the bedroom, I think I am quite a turn on. Talking dirty doesn't have to start off slutty or awkward. Be honest. Men want to hear how they turn you on. THey want to hear how sexy they are. How often do men really get to hear how sexy they are? Its usually the mans "job" to tell the woman, right? Wrong. Tell him what part of him turns you on. Tell him the things he does that turn you on. Tell him what you'd like to do to him. Be creative. Pay attention. Read his reactions, and body language. Observe. And as soon as you see a positive response to your words, have fun from there!!!!
  2. Masterbating Men

    Sorry too....edit......
  3. I have always wondered, do men perferr HOT or Sexy. THere is quite a difference. HOT is being physically flawless. Firm tits, nice ass, flat belly, pleasantly formed p***y, ect. Now sexy is a woman that carries herself well. She may not have a porn star body, but she enjoys her body, and allows others to enjoy it with her. She's comfortable with herself and knows how to turn herself on and is not distracted with herself that she has the ablitity to turn on others as well. Well, my question is, what is it that men perfer? HOT or Sexy? Answers, Please
  4. Enjoy Them, I Do!

    You are absolutly right. When my husband and I first started to add porn to our sexual encounters, I felt really uneasy about it. Even though I was the one who wanted to introduce it to our relationship (go figure), I felt really bad about the who thing, I use to think crazy thoughts like he'd rather watch them than me, or he is more turned on by them, or wished I looked more like them, or fantasized about them while he was with me. But as I digested the fact that that was just my own insecurities, and watched them alone, I realized that they are harmless fantasies. I'd rather have him spiced up in our sex life watching porn than going to the bar and picking up some hoochie! I am glad to read that I wasn't the only one feeling that way though, Thanxs!
  5. Lifestyles & Orgies..... Good Or Bad?

    first off, sexyness is a state of mind. Whether youre as hot as Jenna Jamenson or not, if you feel it, then it shows. You have to believe you are hot, and sexy. Not just believe it, KNOW it. Once you conquer this, then your shyness, and fears will subside. One simple exercise: Walk around naked more often. Look at yourself naked more, and be a little more forgiving of yourself. Dont critisize when you look at yourself naked, complement. Complement your body and what turns you on about it. How do you expect to turn on others if you don't appreciate how your body turns you on? Next watch porn. This will help you realize that even porn stars body's aren't "perfect" and they still turn people on. If they can do it, so can you. Be comfortable in your skin. Know your body. Know you are a sex goddess. Then think about what it is that your thinking about doing. First conquer these hurdles, then I say: GO FOR IT
  6. sorry, had to delete this post. Too graphic and too many people I "know" here that have a chance of rea ding it
  7. Anal Sex Curiosity

    I heard that if you have anal sex your anus stretches out and it doesnt go back to its original form. Which leads to loose stools, and all kinds of mess. I also heard that is what butt plugs are for to keep you from messing yourself after you've had a prolong period of anal sex. But since I've visited this site I feel I have been miss informed. Question is, does anal sex cause you to lose control of your stools. I am afraid to let my husband have anal sex with me because of that. And I also read here on this site about, an anal douch, what is it and how do I use it and where can I get it?