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    Straight but amazing sex with a wife who knows what shes doing!
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    Crystal Chic G
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    Secretly bi but monogamous
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    SE PA
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    53 m

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    Sex, bi sex, “wood”working, gardening, taking things apart to see how they work, restoring old things, dog raising...loving my wife
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    SE PA
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  1. Agreed the diet controls flavor. I prefer sweet and salty. I have to avoid tuna because I’ve been told it makes me taste fishy.
  2. I agree. A blowjob or a handjob is great from any willing participant. I of course like to return the favor!
  3. Is that really you? Dammmm
  4. pblo69

    I saw him

    Thanks for the story! I give my wife similar pleasure. Anal play is good for both of us!
  5. Wife being difficult. So on a night like this I would “go to the gym”. Hang out with a bud have a few cold ones, pop on a good porn. Eventually we’d see each others boners and someone would offer a rub. Soon we’re both naked jerking each other off with the video getting better. I can’t stand it so I ask if I can suck it. Of course he agrees with enthusiasm. Now I’m on my knees between his. His beautiful head gliding in and out of my drooling hot mouth. My chest is saturated with saliva. I taste that sweet sweet precum. I grab his scrot and tug. My spit rolling down around his sack and I start rubbing that anus and in no time I’m knuckle deep. I hit that prostate and bang a mouth full of cream. He stays hard so I ask for him to pump my rectum. I shoot my load right on my chest. Quick shower and home … no strings no bull.
  6. Thats the path not taken for me but I often wonder…
  7. pblo69


    I like the way you think!
  8. Sure, starts by sitting side bi side watching porn. I run my hand across your stiffening crotch. I unbuckle, un button and unzip what ever pants you’re wearing. I rub that hard cock over your underwear till that little wet spot appears. Then I pull you out of those drawers. Now Im stroking the hard cock flesh to flesh. you reach up and take me by the back of the neck pulling me to your throbbing member. Now I get down in front of you and grab your sack with my left and shaft with my right hand. I start swirling my tongue around your corona and up and down the cleft of your glans. That precum is so sweet I must suck it. I feel that vein pulsate. I start pulling down while squeezing then releasing those nuts. The closer you get the more your balls try to pull up.. My saliva is now running down the crack of your ass so I taunt the taint with a slippery middle finger. You cock is so close but you’re holding back. I slip that finger in a well moistened anus and bang your load hits the back of my throat. I hold still while you pump my throat. You fall back to your seat, I suck the rest out and then lap up the jizz that pumped paste my lip lock. You’re exhausted as I straddle youre still hard cock and stroke my self with a puddle of my saliva and your jizz. I shoot my load on your navel as your cockhead stims my prostate.
  9. Practice practice practice
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