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  1. Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. We've tried a few of the suggestions here so far but i can still only do it for a few minutes before it becomes uncomfortable.
  2. Doesn't matter the intensity. After a short time the sensation becomes too much to tolerate. I should clarify that it's mostly the nipple that's too sensitive, not the areolae. The stroking/massaging/cupping is fine but for some reason the sensation of licking and sucking can become bothersome. I tolerate it for as long as I can because she enjoys it.
  3. Thanks yeah - I spoke to my doctor and she said that sometimes larger areolae/nipples like mine can be super sensitive and there's nothing medically that could be done that isn't invasive or unnecessarily risky.
  4. My partner loves breast play, but we have a problem. I have somewhat large areolae and thicker than "normal" nipples. She likes to lick and suckle on my breasts but it's far too sensitive. I wouldn't say it hurts, so much as the high sensitivity makes it a bit uncomfortable. She gets immense pleasure out of it when I do it to her but for me, I can only tolerate it so much before I have to ask her to stop. I feel bad because she really loves doing it, it's one of her biggest turn ons and I want to be able to let her do it to me. She's been understanding (we've been together for 2 years so its not a relationship killer) but I really want to make her happy in that regard, so I was wondering - is there anything I can do to decrease sensitivity and/or heighten the pleasure of it? Are there creams or oils we can use? I'm not sure if it matters but I'm Asian (chinese). I don't think that has anything to do with it (i.e. I don't think Chinese girls have more sensitive nipples than any other race). Thanks!
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