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    I'm 42 and chubby and it was with a 30 yr old fit man with an amazing cock, two hours multiple positions and orgasms
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    Rabbit Vibrator
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    Not Telling
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    Female 42

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  1. Oh boy legs have been feeling like Jello, damn an hour to 2 hours long... Whole body vibrating orgasms and drenching the sheets as I squirt
  2. It does suck and it was hard because the last guy I basically settled with for a few years pretending to be someone I wasnt. But now I'm being me
  3. And his staying power is absolutely amazing. I've never experienced this level of satisfaction
  4. I'd have to agree! I Can Now Honestly say I've had a Man give me an Orgasm and MULTIPLES ARE DEFINITELY REAL ALONG WITH WHOLE BODY VIBRATING ORGASMS!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  5. May I ask if you posted any photos of yourself yet? I know I would like seeing your beautiful body. 

    1. Miss Worthy

      Miss Worthy

      I'm gearing up to sharing. Very shy. I do have nice tits and a beautiful ass.  Appreciate your sharing very much!!!

    2. JadeKatana79


      Pics in lonely playtime and 48DDD

  6. So my question is is there something wrong with me with my past partners I've never orgasmed, yet when I use my toys I do
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