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    We spent the day in bed together. 7 times, 15 squirts & at least 40 orgasms! What a great day that won't be forgotten.
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    Japanese "Dual" Strawberry Shake Vibe.....OMG AKA Pinky, his mouth and his hands
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    an ever growing amount :-)
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    Spending time doing anything outdoors. Exploring each other and enjoying time together. You never can say never because you just don't know.
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  1. I have been gone for quite a while but have found my way back to my naughty home. Due to medical conditions, moving and life I got lost for a bit. I am back and better than ever.
  2. Thanks. My dad has started Chemo this week. He had a scare and they thought at one point he was having a heart attack but thankfully the chest pains subsided and he got to go home. My daughter is doing a lot better thanks to the support of some great family and friends. I am taking time for myself as well finally.
  3. They used to be very active a few years ago but has slowed down since then. I have tried hanging out there and it has been hit or miss. Life I know for me has been a roller coaster ride in the last year or so.
  4. I am sorry but he should treasure you and love you for the person you are on the inside. If it was me no matter how much I cared about him he would not be worth my time. First time I say something it should stop. If it doesn't enough is enough. This is verbal and mental abuse and should not be tolerated.
  5. Very beautiful. They are very nice and I would definitely enjoy playing with them. He needs to learn to appreciate you and your wonderful tits.
  6. It is a tough situation. My ex husband was that way. When we did finally have sex maybe once a month it was very short and not sweet. It was definitely a quickie every time. This along with some other things made me to finally end the marriage. After leaving the marriage I learned so much about myself and how I deserved to be pleased as much as my partner needs to be pleased. I was always doing everything for my ex and he would not for me. I am so thankful for the partner I found at the end of my marriage. It was an eye opener. I now embrace my sexuality.
  7. Welcome to our horny dysfunctional gang.
  8. Welcome and enjoy all that the site has to offer.
  9. Sorry that I have been MIA for a bit. I have been dealing with a lot of stress. My father has been diagnosed with Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma. He starts chemo next week and has his port put in this week. He was given a prognosis of 1-3 years. It has hit me really hard. I hit my dark area but starting to come back out of it. Plus my daughter was going through a lot at the hands of my ex husband. She is 12 next month he has mentally and verbally abused her over the last few months. I plan to be around much more now and checking in on how everyone is doing. I am also a holiday junkie so I am getting ready for the holiday season as well. Hope that everyone is doing well.
  10. http://www.tootimid.com/triple-point-enhance-system.html# So I received this and wasn’t thrilled by its looks but I have learned to not always judge a book by its covers. This is a clear jelly toy that can be around all types of lubes so no worries there. It comes with 4 batteries but only needs 2 for life so you get a spare set which is awesome. You just pull the plastic tab to bring it to life. It is a triple point which sounds very interesting. I am all about plenty of stimulation. It has the top for the clit with some nubs that will rub the clit just right as well as the bottom which will tease you anally. Then don’t forget about the ring to get him nice and turned on. On the back of the top part for the clit is a little switch to turn the toy on and off. I turned it on and it didn’t really feel very strong. As a gal that likes strong vibes I wasn’t very thrilled. So we started playing and positioned the system on him. It is very stretchy which is great for all diameters. We decided time to try this bad boy out. He turned it on and off we went. I was not thrilled at all. Non of the points lined up right in order to please me while using it together. He enjoyed it some but to me I would not use it again. Everyone is different so you never know but if you like a strong vibration this isn’t for you. I love variations of toys but this one was not for me. I will say the vibration was very quiet so that is a good thing.
  11. http://www.tootimid.com/the-gushing-rabbit-ejaculating-vibe-7018.html# When I received this I was VERY intrigued. A toy that can hit all of my sweet spots and can ejaculate. I was thinking sign me up. I took it out of its packaging and gave it a nice warm bath in water and antibacterial soap. Once it was dry I opened up its battery compartment and inserted the 4AA batteries needed to bring it to life. This toy is made of jelly and compatible with all lubes. It measures almost 4 inches in insertable length and 1.4 inches in diameter. There are lots of bumps and teasers throughout the shaft. It is also a dual action toy which is a favorite of mine. Lets you mix and match for what you are feeling at that moment. Sometimes I like the shaft moving about but sometimes I just want my clit teases while stroking away. I realized I have teased myself enough looking over this pink beauty. It is also interesting how when you turn the shaft on it lights up. It has a small removable bulb that you can fill up with water for the ejaculation effect. I filled that and placed it back on. Now it is time to go for the test drive. I put a little lube on the shaft and slowly inserted it. At first I was playing with no vibrations. I was now ready to get the party started. I pressed the on switch and then went first just for the clit stim. There are 7 various clit stimulation patterns. I slowly cycled through them and it felt so good. I will say this part is definitely for those that like a strong vibe on your clit. It is not for the weak...lol. I was already almost jumping off the bed as I was so sensitive. I slowly backed off and started playing with the shaft controls. There are 6 varying rotations and then made me giggle when the shaft lit up. I thought I would try the ejaculation function. I was teasing my pussy considerable and it took not time at all before my orgasms were flooding through. Unfortunately I was not thrilled with the ejaculation function. First off the bulb comes off too easy plus I need a couple of extra hands in order to work it well. With a partner I think this would work much betters as they would have both hands free and can see the area as well. Either way I still love the shaft rotation and the clit stim. I rate this toy a 10 out of 10. I will warn you of this it is a very noisy. So if you have roommates or children that you are trying to use this in a house with but trying to do it on the sly. Think again with this toy.
  12. As far as lube climax bursts anal lube. It lasts a long time and has vitamin beads inside for helping nourish the areas as well. We have been using it about 4 years.
  13. http://www.tootimid.com/lucid-dreams-hearts-squirmy-75-6988.html# I was so excited when this toy showed up. I am a sucker for dual action vibes....especially when they are separately controlled. I have a go to toy that is similar to this one but is not waterproof. My first thought was oh could this possibly be my waterproof version of the toy I love so much. In looking at the package I see that I will need 3AAA batteries so thankfully I have a good stock of batteries so that will not be a problem. You unscrew the lid to the battery compartment and slide out the battery holder in which you will put the batteries in and then slide it back into the toy. Once this is done please make sure that you screw the cap on tightly so that no water will be able to get in. It measures 5 inches of insertable length and 1.25 inches in diameter. It is a pretty pink color and the shaft where the head would be is shaped like three hearts. This is definitely a pretty toy. This bad boy is made of jelly and rubber which is great as then it is compatible with all lubes. Once the batteries were in I decided to turn it on to see what it would do. You have the center button the helps the shaft rotate in both directions. You can have it go to the right or the left. Just a heads up obviously this button will not function until you turn the vibration of the shaft on. The arrows on the right of the control control the strength of the clit stim which I would say go more like medium, high and extremely high. The button on the left controls the vibration of the shaft. This goes from low, to medium to not quite high. I also like that it is printed right on the toy that it is waterproof. I have learned to mark mine with a sharpie with a W so that we can remember which are waterproof. Time for the test drive. I place a little bit of lube on the tip and insert the toy. It felt very nice as I slowly dived it into my eager pussy. I was slowly pumping it in and out. While doing this I was increasing the strength of the clit stimulation. I worked it up to extremely high and it felt so good. I felt my orgasm building so strongly. Now I decided time to add the shaft into this. I start off slow and occasionally changing the direction of the rotation. I enjoyed all the feelings that it gave me. Before long the first wave washed over me but I kept going for more. I knew that I was not done as of yet. I kept alternating speeds of the vibrations of the shaft and clit stim. Then I could feel myself getting ready again. There went wave number two. I highly recommend this toy to beginners and advanced. I think this is very close to my go to toy. This will be my go to waterproof toy. See what your hearts desire and enjoy all that this toy has to offer.
  14. http://www.tootimid.com/vibrating-flirtation-anal-beads-stick.html# So when I received this I have to be honest by the looks of it I wasn’t excited about it. It didn’t look like something I would enjoy but I will also give any toy the benefit of the doubt. I took the toy out of its packaging. One bonus it comes with its own batteries. You just need to unscrew the cap to take out the tab that is breaking the connection so that the batteries do not prematurely die. That definitely would not be the way to start this relationship. After removing the tab I put the cap back on but made sure it was tight as this toy is waterproof and you want to be extra diligent in making sure the water will not get into the battery compartment. After the toy is ready I decided to play with it a little before the actual play time. I see that the stick portion is very flexible which could be interesting. It measures 6.75 inches of insertable length and .5 inches at its thickest point in diameter. I played with the push button control on the end to see about the different variations of vibrations. It goes from low to medium to high. Also has varying pulsations as well. I am sure there is something for everyone. Now on to play time. In looking at it I wasn’t quite sure of its right purpose but thought well I will try different things and see what works the best for me. I turned it on low and was running the beads along my clit which I won’t lie felt nice. It wasn’t anything to write home about but it was enjoyable. I ran it around the opening of my pussy and it felt interesting but nothing that was gonna start an orgasm. It was then inserted but wasn’t feeling all that good as it didn’t have girth to it to help fill me. Then I tried to use it on my gspot as I can normally orgasm pretty quickly from my gspot and unfortunately it was not firm enough for that. So after those were kind of a bust I decided to see how it would feel anally as I do enjoy that. I had it on low at first and inserted it. This felt nice as I moved it in and out. Feeling the beginning and ending of each bead felt very good. as I was feeling the orgasm building I turned up the vibe to high. That had me really enjoying the toy and realizing it can be very useful. I kept varying the depths that I was taking the toy. It was a very nice feeling and in not much time I was enjoying a very nice orgasm. To this I say don’t be too quick to judge. If I would have casted judgment right away I would not have enjoyed this nice orgasm. I would recommend this to any one that enjoys anal play. I will leave it up to you to decide it you will like it for any other type of play as everyone is different.
  15. http://www.tootimid.com/platinum-original.html# When I received this magnificent looking toy I had my doubts. I am one that likes a strong vibe but this has no vibe at all. One good plus you don’t have to worry about the toy being too loud but oh wait you still have to make sure that you are not from all of the pleasure you will be having. Well I took it out of the package and washed it up with anti bacterial soap and warm water. A plus of it not needing batteries there is no chance of early toy death due to the water. This toy is made of silicone and is hypo allergenic. Due to the silicone it can retain heat to help it feel even more real. It looks very realistic with a perfectly shaped head as well as veins running along it. It measures 7.75 inches of insertable length with a diameter of 1.5 inches. Please remember that you cannot use silicone lube with this toy. I decided that it was time to get myself warmed up so I could try this beautiful looking specimen a try. I started out warming myself up with one of my bullet vibes on my clit. Once I started feeling the excitement I put some water based lube onto this nice toy and slowly started inserting it. It very nice as well as very lifelike. I then was moving it in and out and could feel the orgasm building. The toy filled me very well. I originally felt that I needed a vibration for a toy to be satisfying. I now stand corrected. I enjoyed a nice lengthy play time. Teasing myself with varying speeds and depths. This toy is very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it. I would say just remember the size when ordering. It was at about my limit on diameter. Just think of the versatility with this toy. Can be used anywhere and never have to worry about batteries dying.
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