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  1. Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit signature has 3 thrusting speeds and seven different flickering rabbit ear functions. It’s waterproof and is rechargeable via usb. This rabbit is made of silicone, has a silky smooth feel, is phthalate free and unscented. Since it’s made of silicone remember to use only silicone free lubes. This is an incredibly luxurious toy! I have wanted to try out a thrusting toy for the longest time, so I was thrilled to get this Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit to try out! I washed up my new friend and played with the controls to see how they work. The control buttons are lined up in a row for easy use. One on/off button, a thrusting button and one for the rabbit is super easy to reach and control! Big bonus is it’s quiet enough that it would not be overheard outside your space. You can enjoy a slowish thrust on up to one feeling fast and hard with one speed in-between. I was able to feel the ridge at the top of the toy massaging me as it moved up and down inside of me, delicious! It didn’t require much input from me to control it. All I needed to do is turn it on, choose my speed of thrust (better yet playing with the speed of thrust), choose the rabbit ears sensation, and goooooo, mmmmmm! I experienced a longer, stronger climax and orgasm. Before using a thrusting toy, I was curious if it would feel like the real thing. It doesn’t but, it brings on a sensation you can’t get from a traditional non thrusting toy and is much more satisfying. The Silicone Thrusting Jack Rabbit is a GREAT addition to any toy box. It would make a perfect luxury gift for someone special or give yourself a special treat!!! The self thrusting action is an amazing feature and perfect for those without a partner, those who have travel is Tons of Fun! I award this toy a 5 out of 5 hearts! Review by Ladylove 7/30/2018 Luxury and Intensity!!
  2. Do it! I find waxing everything but a small triangle above my clit increases the sensitivity! I love it!!! Did you do it? Inquiring minds want to know!!
  3. Bottoms Up anal comfort lube, is a water based lube with 5% lidocaine that will desensitize the contact area. It’s of medium weight and slipper without being tacky. We first used the Anal Comfort lube with an Anal Plug for my beginner husband who had reservations about putting anything up his there. The idea of the 5% lidocaine made him more comfortable, which made the whole experience a very positive one. The numbing effect didn’t happen immediately, it took a little time, and has a slight numbing effect on the contact area. The effect lasted throughout the time it was needed and then some. It’s not messy and He didn’t feel the need to clean up right away like you do with some lubes. If your looking for a slight numbing effect this is the way to go. This is a great product for beginners and experienced alike. We award this product a 4 out of 5 hearts only because it took some time for the numbing effect to kick in. Review by Ladylove 6/2018
  4. “Pink BOB” Combo Cock Ring Anal Plug is made of seamless hypoallergenic silicone. Use only water based lubes with silicone toys. It’s silky smooth, no seams, and has a tapered tip for ease of insertion, the ring part is stretchy, measures 1.6” at the widest point and has a 2.5” insertable length. As alway you should use soap and water to clean before and after use. The cock ring can be worn at the base of the penis or around the penis and balls. I firstly want you to know my hubby is a beginner, beginner. He has not successfully used anal toys, before this one. He liked the idea of them but putting one up his hinny made him apprehensive. I on the other hand was excited for him to use it because I thought it would give him an even more pleasurable, intense orgasm. We had extended four play, and used a lot of lidocaine lube to ease insertion, (you’ll find a review on that too.) success, it was in. He said it felt a little weird at first but then as he moved there was an extremely pleasurable sensation that felt different. Fast forward to his orgasm, he said it was much more intense and had a harder time holding his orgasm back. From my point of view, he felt harder and his orgasm felt much more intense! I’d say its a win win situation! We rate the Pink BOB Combo cock ring anal plug a 5 out of 5 hearts!Review by Ladylove 6/2018
  5. WOW!!! I love this! When I first opened "Air Touch III Clitoral Suction Stimulator" I was dumfounded. I couldn't imagine it's worth. New out of the package it feel silky smooth as a toy should and doesn't have any smell at all. It's as comfortable and natural to hold in my small hand as it is in my DH larger hand, it has it's own usb charging cord instead of a big bulky plug which is my preference, is splash proof and is made of phthalate free silicone. Its about six inches long and it's whisper quiet for those of you who have kids in the house. I've never used anything like this, so curious as I am, I charged it immediately as the directions suggest to see what it's all about. As I turned on the toy I placed my finger on the suction area and rotated through the twelve different suction patterns. I thought okay, could be nice, well see. DH and I tested it out a couple of different ways, both before warming up and after warming up and tried to rotate through different suctions. I love, love, love the nipple suctioned! and the clitoral suction. It enhances both four play and penetration. Each time I've used the Air touch III my orgasm were much more intense! Gotta' love that! If you are worried about clitoral sensitivity, don't!; Adjusting the position a little higher up under the hood and it will still be extremely pleasurable! I think it completely enhance your experience, it did mine. WAIT, I almost forgot! I used it while DH was traveling and it was yummy delicious too! I think this toy is GREAT for everyone beginners and the most experienced. I can be used with or without a dildo/penis, and with or without a partner, in the shower or on dry land. I Highly recommend the AirTouch III Clitoral Suction Stimulator!!! I award this a 5 out of 5 hearts! HAPPY SUCKING! ;D Reviewed by Ladylove 5/2018 HAPPY SUCKING!
  6. PJUR MED ENERGY GLIDE Pjur Med Energy Glide is an all natural water based lubricant enhanced with cocoa and ginger extract and a few other natural ingredients.. The ginger and cocoa was subtle in smell and feel. I really liked the delicate stimulation it has. It also, has a sensual gliding feel, not slick and slippery like many other lubes I’ve tried. Pjur also has a nice staying power. I didn’t time our love making session, but, I’d have to guess it was about 20 - 30 minutes and the lube held up beautifully! I hight recommend Pjur Med Energy Glide with invigorating cocoa and ginger extract. I easily award this 5 stars!!! PJUR MED ENERGY GLIDE
  7. REMOTE CONTROL VIBRATING EGG This little Remote Control Vibrating Egg is FABULOUS! The curve of the egg follows the female curves, making the back and forth movement from the clitoris to the vaginal opening very natural. After handing over the egg and all control to my husband, he eventually placed it firmly between us. While he rocking back and forth, the top of the vibe would hit the base of his penis making the penis feel like real live vibrating dildo! I loved everything about this vibe, the curve, the silky feel, the vibrations strengths, the varied sensations, the bulbous head, everything!! And a man with the control is sexy as hell ;)! The vibes range from medium to strong. All the pulsating sensations are in the stronger vibe mode. Also, the egg is waterproof, made of silicone and rechargeable by a USB cord, and best of all, has ten function. This is the best little vibe ever!!! I easily award this Remote Control Vibrating Egg 5 Stars!! Every women needs this vibe!!! Best Vibrating Egg Ever!!
  8. RECHARGEABLE ROTATING RABBIT DILDO I Surenda!, and you will too! This duel action rotating rabbit / dildo has it all going on. It’s 100% silicone, realistically shaped with a mushroom head, and very nicer veining down the whole shaft. The rotating head easily hits the g-spot and the double eared rabbit is perfectly placed for optimal stimulation. In order to give a full and accurate review I needed to test this a couple of times to get through all three speeds and ten functions. What I won’t do for TT . The dildo and rabbit are individually controlled. I recommend you figure out the controls before use, it’s easy, but you’ll be happy you did. It’s completely water proof and comes with a USB charging cable to get your buzz on . Remember to use water based lube only with this and all silicone toys. I award the The Rechargeable Rotating Rabbit Dildo 5 stars. 10 Rotating Rabbit Dildo
  9. Welcome! I understand the hesitation, I felt the same way myself. Remember, you are completely anonymous if you want to be.
  10. This Rechargeable Vibrator isn't just for her! When I received the the vibe, I thought it was cute and compact, and has a bulbous head that's enables you to easily hit your g-spot. We tried the vibe in many different ways and enjoyed all of them! I used it on him, he used it in many different ways on me. This Rechargeable Vibrator is powerful!; It's many different variations to the vibrations goes from strong to very strong . It's silky smooth to touch, Phthalate free, waterproof and you can plug it into you laptop, or phone charging station which is very convenient. This compact vibe is great for everyone and anyone who enjoys very strong vibrations. I award this buzz worthy toy 5 out of 5! It's a keeper! Rating: 5 RECHARGABLE VIBRATOR
  11. I don't know who April is but I do like her pink B.O.B! In case you don't know B.O.B stands for battery operated boyfriend. My BOB is a purple rabbit with 2 bullets, one bullet in the tip of the main shaft and the other positioned for stimulation of the clit. Both the shafts are ribbed for extra stimulation and the it's very flexible to adjust to your personal needs. April's Bob has medium to strong vibes and is waterproof. You need 2AAA batteries which are not included, but very worth the battery investment. I've used it myself self and with my partner. I love the infinite vibration adjustments. It's is the only vibe I have ever received or purchased that comes with instructions and suggestions fabulous for everyone! I loved the feeling of the ribbing that added much to the whole experience. The flexibility adjust for your pleasure, whether you want to stimulate your g-spot or bypass the G to enjoy whatever pleasure you choose. This BOB is great for beginner and expired alike! I award April's B.O.B a 5 out of 5! APRIL'S CURVED SEDUTION DEAL STIMULATOR
  12. Receiving the Kink Nipple Sucker set was a newish experience for us! We tried nipple suckers once before but only used it once and weren't sure why. I was sent the black ones, prefer pink but it was ok because He likes the black better. We were both excited to try them again. Heres the thing, He really likes attaching them, but I needed to adjust the force in which they were attached. I like a medium suction but not ready for full on deep suction yet. They stayed on until we wanted to take them off as long as they were attached correctly. I had an Interesting sensation I think I'll enjoy even better over time as I become more aquatinted with the sensations. This is a toy for beginners and experience alike because you can choose how long and how much suction you like. I award this a 4 out of 5 only because it's new and more of an introduction for me. KINK NIPPLE SUCKER SET BY TWEAK
  13. Looking forward to doing more reviews! Any word on when the next round of review toys will be going out?
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