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    Incredible, hot, wet and deeply sensual and special
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    i am a submissive in the BDSM lifestyle, recently collared by my One
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    2 dozen, give-or-take
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  1. Hi Sexxxy:-)

  2. sass

    Inked Vibe

    I would say the noise level is a medium. It is not the loudest or quietest toy I have.
  3. In my experience, just like women, different men like different things. While a nibble here or a raking there may make one go crazy, it may make the next one run. For instance, FWB loves to have teeth ran across the under side of his shaft, just below the head. It drivings him wild! He also loves bites and nibbles on his inner thighs. SO, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with biting unless he is the one doing it. lol
  4. OK, I will go against the grain here (imagine that!) and say that strawberries do it for me. Idk why, but every time I eat strawberries, I get naughty thoughts. (Strawberry scented stuff does nothing for me though, has to be the real thing.) Oh, and ice cubes, too - maybe that is from the melting-in-my-mouth sensation. Color me strange!
  5. The key here for me to be able to say no, is the discretely watching phrase. I have had sex when I knew people were watching not-so discretely. Yeah, I know, someone wants a story, lol. Maybe later.
  6. I think it has to be the "catcher", really anything with sex has to be. With that being said, my partner knows I enjoy anal and it is not unheard of for me to feel him leaving one hole and moving toward the other without us having really discussed it. At that point, I can say no if it's not something I want for whatever reason. Sex should be enjoyable and a total anal surprise is not typically enjoyable.
  7. Sorry I can't really help with this. I have yet to find a plug I really like, but I honestly haven't tried that many. Let us know what you find.
  8. Have done it and likely will again. I think it is a little strange but the last two male lovers I have had even seem really turned on by it. Idk why. Yes, it does help with cramps, and I find my orgasms can even be better "during that time of the month" (taking it easy on the language for Ready, hehee!) I was initially a little freaked out by the thought, but he wasn't, and it ended up being great sex. And I am ALL for great sex!!! @OP - I have a couple of friends who use the soft cups and they both LOVE them. I have never asked them about sex with them though, guess I'll need to do that now.
  9. Welcome, from lonely ... well, far north of Texas!
  10. Welcome Cerra, I love your name! Glad you are learning and exploring, and realize that sex toys are awesome! Enjoy the boards!!!
  11. LOL, ok, I will, when I have more time and I'm not so tired. Poly isn't for everyone. FWB are not for everyone. Nothing that I do is for everyone, lol, but it all works for me.
  12. Sorry about the chirping crickets, I don't get on every day. For me, we have a poly relationship. I think I have posted on this other places. SO knows all about FWB and FWB knows all about SO. I love SO with all my heart, and he loves me. Our relationship just has a different dynamic than many, but one that works for us.
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