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  1. HELP!! I need sex but hubby does not

    I am sorry that this is rough. I have been in the same boat where my drive is higher than the guy! It sucks to not want to dump him bc he’s a good guy. I wonder is he stressed or depressed about something? It might have nothing to do with you. Maybe ask him what turns him on right now.
  2. I was just thinking how I miss growing up in the 1990’s, when the definition of gay/lesbian was clear and simple. I think some people now these days in 2018 make it a bit too complicated. All of these complicated definitions don’t help each person.
  3. Hi all, i was curious for opinions. A former therapist told me, "just because you enjoy getting intimate with men doesn't mean you can't be gay. My client identifies as a lesbian, and she hooks up with guys." I disagree with this. I have a hard time believing that I am gay, if I feel attracted to men. I told this therapist that I have had sex with men and women. I told her that I like men more, which led her to make her comments. She also said, "you will know when you're gay or straight, depending on who you fall in love with." Um, I know what I am? I did go through a phase where I was exploring my sexual orientation in my 20's. I found out that I liked men more. What is your definition of a gay woman? Am I missing something here? I thought being a lesbian meant that you prefer to have sex and romantic relationships with women
  4. Thanks for the reply, tyger. Being reminded that only we know who we are helps a lot.
  5. Green tea ice cream

    Hmm I like the ones I get at restaurants. I wonder how the haagen daaz tastes?
  6. I have tried to reach out for support on sexuality concerns, only to get a bunch of garble. I am not referring to this forum, but asking other hotlines and what not for help. I wish people would look at the individual and not say things that have nothing to do with the individual. Someone on a sex health hotline told me, “you could still love to give blowjobs to a trans woman. Technically, you would be having sex with a woman.” That’s great, but whatever he said was not helpful to my personal life. Sometimes, these details are too complicated and overwhelming. I am so drained today.
  7. Thanks! Sorry, I had to vent. I am all good now.
  8. I told my boyfriend (who I have known for awhile, we started out as friends) that I like getting facials. I was hesitant to tell him, since he told me that he’s a conservative man from a traditional family. He told me recently that he doesn’t like facials that much. I asked him why. He’s not sure. But, he has been open to trying new things that I introduced to him. He did say he would be okay with ejaculating on other parts of my body. I want to respect people’s boundaries and not want to be pushy. Do you think he might be open to giving facials? Or should I let it go? I can live without them, but I don’t know if I should close this door just yet. We are a fairly new couple. I woild love love to hear from any men on the forum. What if you weren’t into something and your woman wanted to try it?
  9. I just want to vent about this. If I try to explain this situation, I HATE when people try to suggest that I may like women again. No thanks.
  10. He does see me as a very classy lady, so it may have been confusing to him that I revealed this.
  11. What disappoints the most in sexual encounter?

    A bad attitude. You’re out to hook up with someone and they say something mean, without even realizing that they’re asshole-like.
  12. The honest truth

    I have known some drunk people who didn’t speak the truth. They would say stupid things that they later realized was false. I have been drunk and said things that I didn’t mean. Everybody is different though. Maybe some people do speak the truth when drunk. Sorry youre feeling bad.
  13. I have a question for others. Would you say that an emotional connection can still be different from falling in love? I experienced emotional attraction to former sex partners, but I wasn’t in love with them. Falling in love to me is something on a very different level. I may have kept my guard up with certain sex partners.
  14. Months ago, I had a first dinner date with a young man in his 20’s (I am in my 30’s). We had a good time with dinner and drinks. I wore a nice red dress with boots during the winter. The next day, he texts me saying, “are you a prude, because you strike me as one?” . I asked him why, and he said it’s bc I wasn’t acting slutty. I told him that you can be in between slutty and prude. He said “yeah.” We both decided not to continue for a second date. What would you think or feel if someone asked you that? I am dating a wonderful person now, who never once asked me that. None of guys I have dated have asked that question. Ha, it’s a quirky story.
  15. True. Someone can like it after they try it. I will try that. He did have a big smile on his face after I asked him to face-fuck me and I swallowed him. His last girlfriend wasn’t into giving him blowjobs.
  16. How did it feel for you when you gave her one?
  17. Thanks. I was put off too, but wasn’t sure if I was being too sensitive.
  18. Don't take much to keep me happy!

    Damn, this motivates me to save more fore retirement.
  19. I agree. It doesn’t increase sexual attraction, when a man asks a woman that. I understand if you dated me for eight months and sensed some “prudish behavior”, but one date doesn’t tell you much.
  20. I've always been a woman that enjoys giving oral sex. I can get very aroused by it. In fact, I prefer giving oral sex over regular intercourse. I don't find intercourse as pleasurable as performing oral on a man that I'm really attracted to. I'm the type of woman that needs a lot of foreplay for intercourse to be pleasurable, otherwise it will hurt. Mind others, the doctors have said that there's nothing wrong with me physically. With oral sex, I'm all revved up and ready to go at the thought of it. I don't need to spend 20 minutes doing foreplay or taking deep breaths to relax. No wonder I feel that oral sex is easier. The other day, I overheard a group of men saying that women only do it to please men and that they don't get pleasure from it. Really? These men ranged from their late 20's to early 40's. Are there any other women that feel the same way as me? Or is it rare that a woman truly enjoys giving blowjobs?
  21. I am now in a wonderful relationship with a nice man, and this reply makes a lot of sense now. My man is the best Piv sex partner I have had in my life, because it’s so easy to allow him inside of me. I want him inside of me, since I respect him so much. I still like giving oral the best, but it’s amazing how the right person can do so much for your body’s arousal! I don’t even need lube or long foreplay with my man.
  22. I am liking my hips and waist. my new job is filled with curvy coworkers. They are so fun to look at with their sexy hips and waists
  23. I tried a butt plug for the first time, and it felt GOOD. However, when I had anal sex in the past with partners..It hurt. I know we weren't doing it the right way, such as lack of lube, me not being properly relaxed, not being with the right person, etc. Is a butt plug supposed to feel the same as a penis? Or, is a butt plug just lighter and contoured to not cause any pain? It would at least reassure me that anal sex in the future would work for me, as long as I'm fully lubricated and relax.
  24. Can someone explain why? I'm not really sure I get it. Because they're selling sex? As for customers being seen as "desperate," I disagree. I have known bi-curious women and couples that would rather pay for a gorgeous escort than go to a bar to find someone that's not their type. If you're not looking for a relationship or want to go through the hassle of finding the right f*ck buddy, I guess I can understand why you would resort to "adult services." What does everyone else think? Do you think there's something wrong with this whole deal?