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Does your man have a higher sex drive than you? Does he go away frequently on business trips? Perhaps your man needs a little extra “firmness” to his erections. If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then I have the perfect product for your man! The GRAND PRIX STROKER PUMP will help with all these issues and MORE!


Now, while my hubby definitely does NOT have a higher sex drive than me, he does frequently go away on business trips. I always felt bad at the image of him whacking away with his dry hand in some Hampton Inn somewhere after I get him hot and bothered on the phone- but what options are there for men? Surely, he doesn't want to carry a realistic vagina in his suitcase!

While searching the shopping guide at TooTimid, I happened upon the penis pumps. My first thought was that penis pumps probably don't work; and second, that penis pumps were only for erectile dysfunction, so I passed them over. After some more research that indicated that penis pumps could be wonderful for masturbation and generally, for strengthening the penis (gaining firmness, girth and length) I decided it was worth a shot. :rolleyes:

Surprising my hubby with his Grand Prix Stroker was a bit of a joke. It happened to arrive during my “monthly cycle” - good timing - so I placed it lovingly on his pillow. When we went to bed, he picked up the box, looked at the cover and laughed - loudly! “You have GOT to be kidding me,” he said with a roar, “I am so NOT using a penis pump!” I was disappointed; I thought he would love the idea, so I goaded him, “but honey, pleeeasssseeee!”

Always the good sport, my hubby started to open the box as I cheered and smiled. “Hey hon, this baby takes 4-C batteries, it must be powerful - maybe it will out suck YOU,” my honey said laughing as he put them in the controller. “Sure, we will see about that,” I replied with an evil grin. I am not intimidated by toys, and if it gave my honey a thrill, I would be very happy!

With the minimal assembly completed, my hubby placed some lube in the soft, “stroker” sleeve and stuck his semi-erect cock in. He pumped the hand pump to get some suction, then started the vibrations. The controller has 2 variable speed controls - one for the vibrations, the other for the twisting motion. The stroker sleeve is also lined with little pleasure bumps - which my hubby said felt really awesome as the vibrations started to work on him.

As he turned up the controls, I could see his penis growing in the tube - and growing, and growing. Soon, it was at the end of the tube and my hubby was very, very happy! “Oh man, this feels awesome,” he said, in a breathless mutter, “I just wish the cylinder was a little longer, my head is hitting the end!”

In a mere 4 minutes, the pump had brought my hubby to his climax - and he released the suction so I could finish him off in my mouth. Hey, I wanted some action too! When he withdrew from the pump, I definitely noticed that he was larger. Not monstrously larger, but thicker, harder and larger! What a bonus that could be during sex!

Afterwards, I grilled my hubby about the pump - research you know! He said it felt great, the vibrations were awesome and I too can attest to the fact that it made him larger. The only awkward thing was, as his penis grew, it would hit the end of the shaft. According to the package, the end has a “Turbo-charged Head Exciter” - which is great as long as your head is barely hitting it, and not mashing into it. We noticed that the measurements on the side got to 15 inches, but we couldn't figure out how to make it bigger! Perhaps some more practice is necessary!

All in all, this product did what it was supposed to and more! My hubby definitely endorses this product, and said he would gladly take it with on his next business trip - as long as he didn't have to fly! So no matter what your personal needs are - why not rev up your man's engine with the GRAND PRIX STROKER PUMP - I guarantee, you both will be glad you did!


Mikayla :blink:

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So here's kinda of a sticky situation I'm in. :) I'd like to get something like this for my fiancee, for those times when we aren't together. Or just for the fun of it. My problem is that I don't want him to think I got it for him because he's not big enough or hard enough for me. He's about average, maybe a little bigger, which is plenty for me! He's my first lover, so I'm still pretty tight, and I'm more than satisfied with him!! I really don't think I could take anything bigger at this point. :) I just think it'd be fun to get a toy that was just for him. Any suggestions on how I could bring this up without him thinking I'm not happy with his size?

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OK, so are you saying that you want to get him a "PUMP" or a masturbator? Cause there are other products out there for masturbation only which are GREAT and they won't make him bigger in the process! The fleshlight is fun and cool, my hubby tried that one out. The little vagina masturbators are good too. If you are looking for something just like that, let me know, I will shoot you in the right direction.

Now, as far as the pump goes, my man doesn't need any extra sizing either, and when he saw it on his pillow,he was like, "uh hon, trying to tell me somethin?" However, he LOVES this thing. He says it really feels good for those nights when we are not together, I am on my period, or he is out of town. I might look into getting him some other toy. We have used it since the review, and had sex after, and he did get bigger and harder - so if size is a BIG concern (pun intended) I would rethink the pump. He might like it though.

You seem to have an honest relationship, just tell him what you want to do. He may just tell you yes or no, he may like the idea of having a bigger dick to stick you with. Who knows, just ask!


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