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My husband and I have sex atleast every other night, but I don't always come? I have never masterbated before. I hate to say this but at 50 I'm just now taking an insterest in knowing my body. I want to come every time we have sex. Help!

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Congratulations! It is never too late to learn!

OK, so you say you do not know much in the way of masturbating, so we need to teach you the basics. Most women will have the most tremendous orgasms when they combine penetration with clitoral stimulation, so you need to do that to your greatest pleasure. IF you have never masturbated, then maybe you do not know how to do it just for your pleasure, and you need to know.

I always suggest to "newbies" to take a nice long bath or shower, get comfortable, go into your bedroom, light candles, get naked, slide under the covers and simply explore your body. Pay attention to anything that gives you a little thrill. Nippples? Inner thighs? Whatever it is, carress it. Finally, concentrate on the vaginal area, the lips, inner and outer - pull them, tease them - just play. Then find your clit and rub it. Gently, then more aggressively. Remember to breathe and be conscious of your play, but loose yourself in the pleasure. If it feels good to pull - pull, if it feels good to rub, rub. Open your legs wide, grind your hips, moan and even talk dirty if you want. When you begin to feel your orgasm go with it until it comes.

Then, since you know what does it for you solo, you can share that with your lover then next time you are making love. He can touch you, or you can touch yourself. Many men LOVE to watch their lovers play with themselves. So do it. Be in control of your pleasure. ALSO, don't forget to have regular solo time - it is important. Get some toys to help you if necessary - simple bullets are great, Dual actions, whatever spikes your fancy!

Good luck, have FUN!


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