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Question About Lube

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I have a question about lube! I'm new to this whole game and have actually never had an orgasm. I purchased a Jelly Vibe and a waterproof Jelly G-Vibe. They will both be arriving on Wednesday, and I'm sure they will get the job done! The only quesiton I have is what kind of lube should I use. I know that some lubes can be harmful to your toys, so I wanna make sure I use the right one. Do I need a different lube for the waterproof one and the regular vibe? I live in a small town in Missouri, so basically anything you could pick up at Wal-Mart would help! I'm so excited about getting them in, and I just want to get the show on the road!! Any advise you could give, I would certainly appreciate!!

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Well the only thing that comes to mind at walmart is KY, but I do know that the lube on this site rocks I had to try it and it is save with jellies. Also I own one jelly vibrator and I noticed with it that if I stimulate myself first such as playing with my clitorus and get myself a little wet first I havent really had to use lube for mine but when I am done with it I was it in antibacterial soap and water.

Hope this helps but I am sure others will be a more helpful but the only thing I can think of at walmart is KY. :(

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There is a LOT to know about lubes - there are actually rules to using the right lube with the right toy.

The one you will be concerned with is this: when playing underwater or in water, a silicone lube will be the best bet, HOWEVER, you can't use silicone-based lubes with SILICONE or CYBERSKIN toys - they will erode. So, I suggest you double check the type of material your toys are made from.

Also, read my article on Anal Lubes, only because I discuss all the does and don'ts for lubes, and this will help you pick out the right one.


Finally, I have family in Missouri - my hubby's family actually, and I KNOW that they have sex shops there - you just have to look for them - so if you are bold enough go try to find the right kind of lube there. IF you have to stick to the Wal-mart (I don't recall seeing K-Mart's down there) then K-Y is going to be your only bet, and it is water-based, which is OK, but you will have to reapply it - A LOT!

There you go!


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