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Help! Using My New Rabbit

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so my boyfriend just bought me a rabbit, just the basic model to see if i liked it. he travels a lot and wanted to give me something to keep me company when he's away for the week. i just tried it out with the highest of expectations, and i can't seem to get it to work correctly. better how how exactly should it be positioned? if i put it in me far enough to enjoy the shaft the ears just separate onto either side of me clit and it doesn't do anything for me. and if i pull it out and the ears just brush back and forth across my clit, it's way too intense and really hurts even on low speed. does anyone else have this problem?? i'm beginning to think as far as toys go i'm bound to my sharper image neck massager forever. :(

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Just like with any kind of physical stimulation, it depends on what YOU like to have done. Some like harder or more intense clit stimulation.

I had a Butterfly type thing. It was gold, and I never did like that thing. I had a friend who LOVED hers!

My advise, is to try it a few more times, maybe even exciting yourself with your tried-and-true BOB friend, and then go from there. Or have your BF use it on you when he gets back. Maybe there's too much concentration on your part.

Or, accept the fact that that thing may not work for you, and go pick something out that you think interests you a bit more.

Sometimes, picking out sex toys for others, unless you REALLY know them, is like trying to pick out a book for someone. Everyone has different tastes, like different story lines, and so on.....

At least your BF tried to do something nice for you.

Good luck!!

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