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  1. I'm so happy you have a Dr that listens and values intimacy for the happiness of yourself & your spouse!!
  2. I do believe that cocks can be huge...probably not the norm, but huge. My ex husband was well-endowed with 9"...& though it sounds not big in text, in RL, it was huge!!!
  3. Dinner Party was really good!!
  4. I use to live near Austin....now I'm near Houston.
  5. I still have this toy, and it still holds a charge very well, and it definitely does its job!!! Though, I have a different one, that's quieter, because this gold one is louder in comparison, but it works!! I also love that the silicone sleeves are removable and washable then go back on really well.
  6. It's been a bit since this has happened. More shootings have occurred. We have gone out a few times since then. And we had fun. Then COVID hit, and the options were all closed. In the last year, we went out only 3 times to gay bars for safety reasons. Houston is a pretty open and accepting area.....for the most part. The one place we really enjoyed, changed its format a LOT (Hamburger Mary's), where the front was a hookah lounge (not my thing at all), and then, in the back, was the drag show, but they had a cheezy buffet style set up that reminded me of school cafeteria food. The performers were GREAT, but the food stunk.....Their drinks were still pretty strong though! We honestly don't want to go out and risk too much. I will say that, with my Jeep clubs, I have been in the Houston Pride parade 3x. We had a LOT of fun with those, and enjoyed the experience. My GF and I have never had any negative comments pointed towards us, though I'm not blind enough to think that there has never been any.....but we haven't had anything so blatant. And I'm hoping never to have it happen. The older I get, the more "fuck around and find out" I get LOL. I don't think I could keep my mouth shut......which I know could be dangerous....not sure for who though! LOL
  7. I had an actual day off where I didn't want to do anything other than relax and try and catch up on here!!! Plus, there were several reports I had to check out. I went to breakfast with my GF & former coworker, and had a full pot of coffee as well.....soooooo, I've been wired all day!!! LOL I got 2 promotions in 2 mos, so I've been training a lot the last month, then, prior to that, all of the holidays!!! I worked at Spirit Halloween for 2 mos, then the rest of the holidays rolled in. I still have Christmas to put away (they're in totes, but it's been too wet in the back yard to get them out to the shed), so I took today to do something I enjoy!! But I'm glad to have been able to get on here and actually POST!!!
  8. Has anyone done an all night masturbation session (solo or with a partner)----just a masturbation session?
  9. Sugar-babies/sugar daddies---are there any on here? If so, how does that work for you? I've always wondered---like real life situations, not what you see on TV.
  10. I wish I had my groove back. I'm not single, nor looking to be......but my GF shows little interest right now. I'm naturally flirty, she's not. She had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago, and hasn't gone and gotten hormonal therapy. When I talked to her about it, one time she said "it's not important to me". Well, ok then. She has since apologized for that statement, but, yeah, as a woman, you can't forget a statement like that. I'm not looking to cheat, or be hit on by others, but, I totally feel unattractive......
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