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  1. Tyger

    My wife.

    It's natural to be curious of some of your SO's past lovers. It's not weird to be turned on by such things. In fact, this is where sex toys can help fill that curiosity and you be one on one with the action. Get a thick dildo, and have your way with her. Or play out a fantasy with her that turns you on. Should you ask her about her past experiences? Well, how's your self-esteem? How long have you been married? Do you think you will want to divulge some of YOUR past experiences to HER? Because, if she's going to tell you, she will probably ask you questions about your past as well. Fair's fair! Asking those kinds of questions, you may find out things about your wife that can turn you on, or possibly make you jealous, insecure, or wondering if she compares you to other guys at the most inopportune times. My first husband found out that my ex before him was very well endowed. He brought it up frequently that, since he was only 6", and my ex was at least 9", how he compared, did I even feel him, did he satisfy me, or did I think of my ex and want that big cock back. It was very frustrating. Be careful what you wish/ask for!
  2. Tyger

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!!

    I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years!!! Any romantic vibes in the air for New Years? Any sexy New Year's Resolutions?
  3. Tyger

    Straight guy

    And there's nothing wrong with that! It's actually a pretty common fantasy.......so, you are not alone!!
  4. Tyger

    Mood G-Spot Massager

    How did it go?
  5. Tyger

    Call Me "Buzzi Guzzi"

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!! So, you're saying that the vibes can be heard, even with the toy inside of you? Obviously, apparently, if people at a bar heard it. Also, a word of warning......I'd invest in some anal lube......and be careful, because you can't use a silicone lube with a silicone toy, it destroys them. Petroleum jelly is slick, but it's not meant for internal use, and can cause bacteria to be harbored in places that it really shouldn't be. Thanks for sharing the story! I'd love to read more in the Anal Avenue section, about your adventures!!!
  6. Tyger


    It IS an interesting toy, and fun!!!
  7. Sounds hot to me!!!
  8. Tyger

    So You Say....

    This is an awesome post, and I wanted to comment on it to bring it back up to the top. Many people fear what their lover will say if they broach the subject of sex toys. My ex husband was, at first, pretty insulted that I would suggest them, thinking that I needed a sex toy because he didn't do it for me, which wasn't the case. After many conversations, and assurances that sex toys were for added pleasure, and not replacing him, he was willing to try, and boy, when he did, there was a whole new world for the both of us!!
  9. Tyger

    Too scared.....

    RC has some great ideas. Unfortunately, some religions, or ways people are raised, make sex seem dirty, wrong, and you are a bad person for enjoying something that's only meant to be for making babies. It's very sad, and a cruel way to be brought up, IMHO. If your hubby likes to read, maybe find some books on different positions, light bondage, or even some sexy stories to read to him. Light bondage can start with something as easy as one of your scarves, or a tie of his. Just a light knot so nobody feels truly trapped, and a safe word that you both know (tell him you like the word BANANA, and that way, if one of you says it, you know to stop what you're doing to the other person). A safe word should be something that is NOT SEXY or sound like an encouragement at all, to get the other person's attention. For most people, if they over-think sex, what they're doing, how they may look, or other thoughts, they can have a hard time orgasming. This is true for men as well as women. You're biggest sex organ is YOUR BRAIN!!! Ideally, you get lost in what your doing and how it feels, that way you can orgasm easier! Getting out of a mindset of years of upbringing can be very challenging, as RC said, but it can be done!!!
  10. Tyger

    Where Did You Meet Your SO?

    Yellow, you could always say "we met through a mutual acquaintance". That's actually the truth, just not the full story.
  11. Tyger

    Sex chat

    Politics, religion, or "Bible-thumping". Oh, and kids.....ew......
  12. Tyger

    what think my cock

    My ex husband was 9" too. Very nice.
  13. Please choose your forums for better responses!!! ❤️ Thanks loves!
  14. Tyger

    Really kinky stuff

    This is a great topic, but in the wrong forum.....which is why I haven't answered it specifically. Great topic though!
  15. Tyger

    Adult DVD Genre?

    Anyone else? I'd love to hear it!! Maybe if they see more posts in here, they'll add DVD/Blue Rays back!!!!