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  1. Bullets bullets bullets! I just love the versatility of bullets!!! And this one packs a lot of "bang" for a bullet as well! It's definitely hot, just as the name suggests! Calexotics' Red Hot Spark bullet is a USB rechargeable 5" bullet that is covered with a seamless, smooth, soft, silicone skin, is a gorgeous, hot red color, and is a unique design. The bullet body reminds me of a streamlined fish shaped (minus the fins). The "tail, however, is pointy, and has a hole in the middle. They call it an encaser, for a surrounding stimulation all around the clit. Or, you can use the point itself for direct stimulation. It comes with the USB cord (but not a plug), to charge it. Mine came mostly charged, which threw me off, because most rechargeable toys say to charge for at least 4 hours before playing. However, after less than an hour, the red blinking light at the base (also the power button), stopped blinking & shut off, which I found out that means it's fully charged. Some toys lights stay on solid when it's fully charged. This does not. The box also instructed that it will run for about 30 minutes on High, and 3 hours on Low speed. Complete charge in 2.5 hours, which is handy if you're in a hurry or on the go!! Plugging it in to the small hole is very tight, and is located near the bottom of the base, but not on the bottom. Just look for a small hole, kinda like a belly button. The instructions on the box read to hold the button for 2 seconds to turn on/off. However, mine took almost 5 seconds to turn on/off with the button, so, don't freak out if it takes a couple of extra seconds. After the snaffus of charging and turning it on/off, I was able to settle down and play. 10 vibe settings are sure to please any enjoyer of this toy as well! I loved how quiet this bullet is, and how strong it is as well. I teased myself with it for a bit before deciding to see if encasing my clit area with it would work. Ok, just a bit over, here, no, a little over there....ok.....yep.....that's.......Um, whoa!!! Yes!! Fire in the hole!! Wow! I was seeing "red" in no time! I can't wait to try this hottie in the shower, around the house, everywhere!!! Just remember, it's silicone, so don't use any silicone based lubes with it. Yep, this gets a very high rating from me for sure!!! Love the fire that this baby created! After using it, and if you read the reviews, you'll find that it's fairly easy to use, especially easy to clean, and it works! The box it comes in makes for perfect storage as well. Where's the fire? Down below!
  2. Oh, come ON people!!! There has to be more lame excuses you've heard out there!!!
  3. To me it's ridiculous

    It kinda sounded like your husband was looking for a "wife-sitter"? If so, I'm sorry. Your husband should be making at least a little time for you. Work is important, but so is the relationship between spouses. It is kind of weird to ask a friend to take your spouse out, if that person doesn't know you well, or is a single person. I can see why people wouldn't want to do that. It could be a recipe for disaster, but, at the very least, to me, it's a bit insulting because it's like your husband thinks that a substitute is acceptable so he doesn't have to try and make time for you himself. This is problematic, IMHO. Not only is the possibility of cheating, the suspisions that could arise, distrust between your and your husband or his friends, or yes, even cheating. I mean, why can't he make time for you? He needs to make time for you! Date night is important. Sorry, but this just irked me reading it.
  4. Cooler weather in East TX!!!

    So, the last 2 days have been cooler than usual! I'm so excited!! It's been unbearably hot here, and then after Hurricane Harvey, ugh....to hot!!! So, I'm happy to report windows have been open all day, fresh air, and I'm slightly chilly (from Maine, being chilly in 64 degree weather proves I've acclimated to Texas, damnit)!! It's just seemed like it's been a ridiculously long summer. I'm loving the cooler weather!
  5. Are You Watching Porn?

    I do love watching adult films!!!! I don't have any subscriptions. I do have several DVDs though, and am always open to getting more!
  6. Nudist colonies.

    Well, speaking only from having a couple of friends that have gone, it's rare that you have "super sexy" people all over the place there (like models or porn star super sexy I mean). Everyone is naked, but that doesn't mean they're having sex all over the place. They do have rules. They're also probably use to "Newbies" coming around, and the sometimes involuntary arousals that may happen. So, I doubt they'd embarrass you over it. You're only human.
  7. Is my boss coming on to me?

    Chances are, he was just trying to be nice. And, in a world so full of jealousy, hate, sue-happy people, and vindictiveness, it's nice to have compliments come your way. I would just say take it as a compliment. If he hasn't pursued it, or you, then sincere compliment. And, men find assured women sexy (or, if they're controlling jerks, intimidating). Go girlfriend!!!
  8. Being brave feels awesome

    I'm happy that you're feeling more confident!!
  9. We miss you๐Ÿ˜ข๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ™

    That is so sad. I assume Miranda committed suicide? I hope that people understand that suicide is a tragic thing, and people have a variety of reasons for doing so. Sometimes, we have no idea the private hells people go thru. This is why I try and compliment random strangers. Sometimes, just hearing a single, positive thing, can really help someone. Be kind to each other.
  10. For all the heart broken people

    Yeah, thankfully, I don't even miss my ex (I have excellent aim....).
  11. Things to say to your loved one๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Love it!!! LOL
  12. Thank you๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    LOVE this!!! Yes, a most definite THANK YOU to all Veterans!!! It should be Veterans Day every day!
  13. I have always loved the Wet brand. It was the first brand I ever used for anything (their warming lube), and have always been drawn to that brand. So, when I got this lovely .5 fl oz tube of Max O clit stimulating gel, I was super stoked! The box is very pretty with black, gold, and red on it. A bit more on the "classy" side of packaging. There are several key points to this gel: It's water AND silicone based. So, do NOT use with any silicone toys (or latex condoms). It also said that if you're prone to skin sensitivities, do not use this product, nor as a personal lubricant. This gel is ONLY for outer use only! And trust me, you will understand why when you use it. The tube is sealed for safety, and there's an expiration date on the box too. The tube is black with gold lettering. Opening it up, I always like to smell the items I use (let's face it, if it smells gross, you usually don't want to use it-sound advice for pretty much everything in life!! LOL). It smells peppermint-y. Squeezing just a tad, it's a clear gel, that it pretty thin, so a little squeeze goes a long way. No dyes means little to no chance of staining either. We both wanted to use it this night, so, I put some on, then put some on my lover too. I felt a nice warming sensation on my clit and where I had put it. I really loved the feeling. It was ALMOST too intense for me, but didn't go overboard. My GF, however, did not like how it felt. The gel worked for me very well, and loved the stimulation it gave me. My GF used a wipe to get it off, and it came off rather well. So, clean up was easy. I'm the type of gal that loves strong clit stimulation. So, I loved this item!!!! My GF is the type that prefers a bit more gentle stimulation on her clit, so she didn't. I give this gel 4 Tyger Paw rating (out of 4). Go For The Max O!
  14. Hey One Hot Gramma. Welcome to the forums. This really isn't a chat room type forum, but we do have one. I hope you like the site!!! Nothing wrong with sexy grammas!!!
  15. I've always wanted to try some good, good, good.....good vibrations.......panty style. But, I'm a hippy girl, and finding vibrating panties that look cool, function, and fit are really hard to find. In comes in Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series, with its Plus-Size Remote Control Panty and the excitement that this little black set gave to me when I saw it!! Opening up the box, I see that it comes with Pipedream's signature freebie-a black satiny blindfold. A hard plastic bullet, very comfortable looking panties with an odd, hollow, flowery looking rubber bulbous stimulator, 2 AAA batteries, another battery-12 volt (for the remote), a small sample of lube & toy cleaner, and the remote. The remote was the most desirable aspect of this item because we wanted to explore this aspect in public. So, we get it out, and I'm looking at everything, especially the panty. Hmmmm. OK, so we discover that, after inserting the batteries in the bullet, you must put a drop of lube in the bulbous insertable part of the panty (about 2"). Even WITH lube, this was still quite the challenge!!! It's a very tight fit. Then, to get it out, you have to use a hard surface, and push the bulbous part down, and even then, the bullet can get stuck on the lip of the insertable part, which can make it pop apart. Be careful not to loose the rubber gasket that allows the bullet to be water resistant. It comes off easily as well. The remote is the one that turns on the bullet. The description says multiple vibrations, but this one is only one, which is a low/medium one. There is no way to change the vibe strength. The bullet is a hard plastic, the batteries go inside of it. Then, there's a "tail", which is the antennae for the remote. It sticks out of the bulbous stimulator as well. So, plan ahead for a flowy skirt, sweat pants, or very loose pants, because if you try and wear them with fitted jeans, it will be very uncomfortable. The all black panty fit well, and was comfortable enough. The design sort of reminds me of a black zebra with black stripes, so, sorta sexy. The stripes were kind of "furry" too, to add to the animal print aspect to it. There is an elastic band on both sides, and one side has velcro on it for easy slipping on. And it's strong and stayed well. Inserting the bulb inside was ok, but, because it's bumpy (smooth though), I found that a bit uncomfortable. It's 2" long, and almost 2" wide. Erm......not bad, but the bumps kind of irritated me. But, with the lube, and some adjusting, I got it in. OK, so then my GF turned it on. It only took a second for it to turn on, so it's pretty responsive. She was 2 rooms away, and it turned on. The vibes weren't that loud, but, to me, they were just, well, not as exciting as I'd hoped. Bummer. I'm not sure how well it will do with another bullet. I haven't tried. Using another would kind of defeat the whole purpose of the remote controlling aspect of this toy. I give it a rating of one Tyger Paw up. It was pretty complex, insertion and removal of the bullet was a bit more than an effort than it should be, the bullet sticks out uncomfortably, and it's only one setting. Sorry, not a fan of this particular panty. Good Vibrations?