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  1. Tantus has a fantastic line up of sex toys, just waiting to be tried out! I love this brand because of the high quality silicone they use, and that these toys really work! The latest addition to my Tantus collection is The Adam Curved Dildo. Nothing overly fancy......just a pretty purple silicone dildo. Basic phallic shape, but not too realistic other than the head. This toy has a base to it so it's easy to grab, and can fit in many harnesses as well. It has a wonderful curve to it to help either stimulate the G or P spot, so this toy can be used vaginally or anally. Though, for anal play, I'd recommend it to be for someone with a bit of experience, since this toy is 7" long and almost 2" in diameter (wide). Silicone is also fantastic because people are not allergic to it. It can be washed or boiled for added sterilization, and it's non-porous, so it won't hold any nasty germs or fluids. This toy is relatively smooth, with only some small, smooth "veins" on the shaft, so it's very quick & easy to clean. My lover loves to play with themselves and also thrust a dildo inside of me as well, so one night, we had a mutual masturbation night. I was able to slide the Adam in very easily, and loved how it filled me up, and had some give to it as well, which felt fairly real. It felt reaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy goooooooodd!!!!!!! It felt so nice sliding in and out, and the base was easy to hang on to for my lover. We both enjoyed this toy, and are storing it in its original plastic container to protect it. Remember, don't use silicone lubes with silicone toys.....it will dissolve them....trust me on this one! This toy is great for those that may be a bit shy with realistic toys, but still want the feel of being full. Plus, it's easy to clean, and not buttons, batteries, or gadgets to figure out. It's more like "plug (in) and play"! LOL And it's a great addition for any of us wanting to add some more dildos to our collection as well! Sometimes, simple quality is what we need! This gets my 4 out of 4 Tyger Paw rating! Tantus Adam
  2. Tyger

    cheating on spouse

    Not cheating, so no guilt.
  3. Tyger

    Lesbian sex

    Also, please understand that, where this is a common fantasy, being a lesbian doesn't mean that you automatically will go for a 3-some......or that you also desire a cock. Yes, dildos are used, but the whole point of being a lesbian, in essence, is the lack of male parts in total! LOL Some will go for this, but, the majority, especially if they're older, and Out, and comfortable with who they are, yes, will get offended if you ask about a 3-some...... I got lucky with my GF. I was very honest with her, told her that I wasn't sure that this is what I really wanted, but I did want to try it out. She knew that, accepted it, and almost 4 yrs later, we're still going strong!!!
  4. Tyger

    porn video fake penis

    Probably from toy sites......like this one!!! They do make dildos or extensions, for men, that are basically like, for better lack of a word, cones, that they put on their penises. Many porn actors I've seen that are huge, really ARE that big....that's why they went into porn!!! LOL (I wasn't able to tell that there was anything fake about them.)
  5. I think that we probably do compare our currents to exes. However, if they aren't doing something that you use to like, you can always "train" them to do so!!!!
  6. I have had the ultimate PLEASURE of trying out 2 other Satisfyer Pro items, and LOVED them!!! So, when I saw this one, I knew I HAD to add it to my collection!!!! Let me state that this Satisfyer Pro series is HIGH QUALITY!! This isn't your run-of-the-mill vibrator series. These toys are for long time usage. This toy may look like it's for a pro, but, believe me, anyone can use this. This particular one reminded me of an old sci-fi show's phaser/gun, with it's gentle curve shape. I was ready to take it to warp speed too! When I got it out of the box, I saw it has a user manual and I loved that is has the USB cord to recharge it with. The end that goes on the toy is rounded, with magnets on it to attach to the base to charge it with. The USB cord doesn't come with the plug, but you can use your cell phone plug or computer to charge it. When this toy is charging, the power button blinks. So far, all 3 of the Satisfyer toys I've received have the same time of USB cord, so if one stops working, I can use another one. Made of white silicone, this toy will appeal to most people. It's innovative, yet easy to use. This one has 2 different functions. The end, which has the "hole" for your clit to be "sucked" on, has a removable, washable cup on it. The "handle" of the Pro, is also a vibrator! So, you can either vibrate your clit, or have it "sucked" by this toy. Or, alternate.....the possibilities of pleasure are numerous! With11 pressure wave intensity settings (for the "hole" end) & 10 vibration patterns (for the "handle" end), this toy is a pleaser for sure!!! Because it's rechargeable, this toy is also waterproof, since there's no cap or batteries to worry about. I LOVE that. Battery toys are fun, but when the batteries die, corrode, or aren't put in right, it can make for a frustrating evening! There are 3 easy to use gold-ish buttons. The top one turns on the "hole" end. The middle long button controls the vibe strengths. The bottom button turns on the vibes for the "handle", and cycle thru the different vibe patterns. Yes, you can turn on both ends at the same time so you don't have to worry about fiddling with buttons if you're going to alternate ends. When the toy is on, the buttons light up pretty brightly so you can see them easier for fast adjustments. Hold the power buttons down for about 3 or 4 seconds to shut it off. I love how easy it is to hold as well. Because of the curve of the toy, you can maneuver it wherever you want, and it is very comfortable to hold. Another fantastic feature is that this toy is SO quiet!!! I mean, seriously quiet! For those that may have roommates, kids, or company, this toy is so quiet, that, behind a closed door, or if you're in the shower, nobody will hear this lovely. VERY discreet!! Honestly, I know you're suppose to charge it before you use it, but I was soooo excited to try this toy out, I skipped that!! In fact, I didn't charge it until about after the 6th time of using it!!! LOL And, after I fully charged it, I didn't notice a difference in power, so this toy keeps a charge VERY well!!! We used the "handle" part first to see if the stimulations were good, and yes, baby, they sure were!! It was time for business however, and I wanted to try the "hole" end......I found my setting, and placed the "hole" over my clit. The sensations of buzzing/sucking were intense, and it didn't take me long to have a mind-blowing series of orgasms!! I'm talking toe-curling, muscles tensing, pleasure washing all over my body-orgasms!! I just placed it right in the right spot, clenched my legs together, gently thrusting, and whoa baby! For anyone that may have trouble orgasming, this toy is for YOU!!! Not only is it pretty, easy to use, and clean, and QUIET, it's one that will WORK for you!!! This one gets the highest rating I can give, and then add 1000000 more!!!!!! GO PRO, get Satisfyd!
  7. Tyger

    Tom of Finland Pleasure Tool

    It was pretty funny at first.....we were kinda skeptical! But, this thing is AWESOME!!!!! This one lasted about 2 yrs. We wore it out!!!! Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore, so we had to replace it from somewhere else, but we still use it regularly!!! LOVE IT!!
  8. Tyger

    Moon Monday

    Not that I don't think the pics are great, and we love when people share, remember not to hijack other people's threads. If you want to flirt, or have a little (agreeable) fun with each other, either PM each other so as not to detract from the original post, or find a way to message each other privately. This is becoming an ongoing issue for many threads, which makes people want to stop posting and/or people loose interest in the boards due to this. Keep to the topics please.
  9. Tyger

    Promotional mail

    I have been with this company as a reviewer for over 10 yrs now. Never once, have I ever received any sort of promotional ad, catalog, or flyer in the postal mail.
  10. Tyger

    Should I feel bad..

    I think most of the responders have great advice. Unfortunately, many of our young people are now taught abstinence only education. Which makes sex sound bad, wrong, and it's not a complete form to teach either. Many cultures also say masturbation is a sin. Well, I don't believe it's a sin, and don't even get me started on abstinence-only education sucking profusely!!! You're not bad, it's not wrong, and it is only your business. Why would your family even have to know? It's like your sex life: only your business!!!
  11. I've been using this stuff during the East TX heat for the last couple of weeks!!! Thank GAWD I have this stuff!!! No heat rash anywhere!! I also have a csection scar, and, as us csection patients know, this scar can cause a bit of a bump or overlap of the tummy that, no matter how many situps we do, it's still there!!! I put this there too, so it won't get funky. I LOVE this stuff!!!! I do still recommend you put it on while naked, especially if you're going to wear black clothes, and wash your hands well before getting any of your clothes. It does leave a powdery residue that's hard to get off of clothes (or at least inconvenient to do so). In fact, I just put some on before going to bed. I smellsssss gooooooooodddd!!!
  12. Tyger

    Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

    So, I've had this toy for a while now. And, let me tell you, this little cutie is my "go to" critter for clit stimulation and powerful clit orgasms!!! We use this often on me. My GF still doesn't like it, says it's too strong for her. I will recommend that, before you use it, you go to the bathroom first. It provides so much stimulation, it can also stimulate a reaction you don't want!! LOL But, I love this penguin still!!! It holds a charge well, and charges relatively quickly. This thing is AWESOME!!!
  13. This is not a dating/hookup site. However, we definitely welcome you to peruse the site, and check out our forums. We do enjoy having fresh input!
  14. This particular area is for Contests and for Fun FYI/Getting to know you stuff. Please check out the forums. There's more specific areas for more specific questions. That way, you have a better likelihood of getting a real answer. This particular subject area hasn't been used too much.
  15. Tyger

    Interested in sq

    Go to another topic area, like Ask a Sexpert for this question. Contests and Fun Questions really isn't where people look for questions like this.