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  1. This particular area is for Contests and for Fun FYI/Getting to know you stuff. Please check out the forums. There's more specific areas for more specific questions. That way, you have a better likelihood of getting a real answer. This particular subject area hasn't been used too much.
  2. Tyger

    Interested in sq

    Go to another topic area, like Ask a Sexpert for this question. Contests and Fun Questions really isn't where people look for questions like this.
  3. Tyger

    Love seeing pics

    Go to Members Photos to see more. That's where the additional photos should go. I do like seeing some members show themselves too!!!
  4. Tyger

    Sugesting Something new to him

    A good dominant is actually knowing that they're really not the one in charge. The sub is. The sub is the one that has the limits that may or may not be crossed, and therefore, can stop the action by a simple safe word. 3 years is NOT a very big age difference, so that really shouldn't matter. A good dominant will allow suggestions, honor safe words, and respects his/her sub. If the "dom" refuses to do so, do not play sub/dom with them. Next time, please post in the appropriate subject. Contests and fun questions isn't really for this subject. You'd get more responses in the right area. Look for Sex Positions-Fetish and Bondage area for this.
  5. Tyger

    What are you drinking tonight!

    LMAO Well, last night, I had some butterscotch schnapps......it was in a neon colored small plastic cup.....classy!!! LOL
  6. Tyger

    My Girlfriends "cock Sucker".

    It's a lollipop!!! LOL Unfortunately, "Pappy" is no longer with us......
  7. Tyger

    Should I feel bad..

    Nope! Not at all!!! No matter what some religions may say, masturbation is completely natural, and is actually good for you!!
  8. Tyger

    Dating Advise

    Since this poster is female, and didn't express being gay, I don't think this is much of an option. And, "mail order" relationships rarely work. My cousin did one, and got screwed over big time!!! Anyway, Aletta, it sounds like you fear ending up like your parents. It's sad that your parents allowed their kids to see the messiness of their divorce. That can do a lot of damage. When I divorced my daughter's father, I made sure to keep her out of what little drama there was, and always made sure that she knew it wasn't her fault. So, please know that not every break up is terribly bad or traumatic. Painful, probably, but not gawd-awful either. To be in a relationship, one must be willing to take risks. That does include the risk of being hurt, unfortunately. Now, I hope you realize that this doesn't mean you can't date. I encourage you to date. Go out with a couple different guys a week. Just because you go out, doesn't mean you're committed! You can experience a lot of different things with guys with different interests....and no, I'm not talking sexual either. Get out there, have fun!!! Flirting is tricky, and sometimes guys are too nervous about being called perverts or brought up on sexual harrassment charges for just paying someone a compliment!!! People have become soooooo eager to be offended at the littlest thing!!! It's ridiculous! If you see a nice looking guy, and notice there's no ring on his left finger, and you're at say, a coffee shop.....compliment him-maybe he has a nice tie on, or the color shirt looks good on him.....or you like the vehicle he's driving. Something. It may start up a conversation. Harmless, sincere compliments. It can be that easy. Go to places you know will be loaded with guys!! Car shows, sports bars, pool halls, and other events. I'd suggest going with at least one other female. Not really a group, because, many men will tell you that groups of girls scare them!! LOL I once was with a guy for 4 years because, my opening line was "Hi there shorty!!" He was 6'2", and, for some reason, that got his attention. Now-a-days, many people DO go on dating websites. There are hundreds, if not thousands out there. I would stay away from like the one the last poster mentioned, in all honesty. There are dating sites designed for specific interests, lifestyles, fetishes, & even health issues!! Ones that charge for more options may help weed out the jerks a bit more. Like Match.com. Plenty Of Fish is ok, so long as you pay the extra. Be careful though. Many men that are married go on there. I had 2 or 3 have their wives message me to tell me that I was hitting on THEIR husband. It happens. When it did, I casually apologized, saying that they were on a dating website, listed as single, and messaged me, and that I wouldn't contact them again. Then I blocked the man's number as well as his "wife"s number. Edited: my sister belongs to Positive Singles.....she has had some really nice dates from there as well. Also, I would WAIT until the dating gets exclusive with someone before divulging you're a virgin. There are men out there that would love to have a virgin on their "belt notch collection".
  9. https://www.tootimid.com/Comfort-Strap-On-Harness-9340.html My GF is a size 26, I'm a size 16.........We love strap on play. This harness says it will fit up to a 48" waist. I'm not so sure that's entirely accurate because, though hippy, my waist is very small thanks to my hourglass figure. And, even with strapping it on and not pulling it up, I couldn't get it on. But, for those that may be smaller, I will tell you my pluses on this item, because, even though I don't get to play with it until I'm smaller, I do have some good points to bring to the table. The strap that goes around the waist is a wide, velcro one, and it's very, very strong!! No worries about it becoming undone for sure!! The faux leather is very soft, and has no odor. And, the hole for the dildo can accommodate one that is about 1.5" in diameter. As seen in the picture above, there is a slit in the back, so you can slide the dildo all the way thru. The slit is reinforced with a single line stitch, to help keep it strong and not tear. The O ring inside the harness feels like rubber, and thick, so you can keep your toy in a bit more securely. The only question I have is about the 2 straps that go down the crotch, and over the hips. Those are adjustable, but seem a bit thin for me, and may cut into the skin a bit, due to the narrowness of them, but they are also faux leather, so are soft a supple, so that may not be a concern. So, in fairness, I won't rate this one for usage because I couldn't get it on.......literally!! LOL However, I do LOVE the softness and material, and idea of it.
  10. Tyger

    Amore G Lover

    Nasstoys has done it again! This purple cutie is a wonderful addition to anyone's toy box! Made of 100% purple silicone, my favorite color and toy material, this toy is rechargable!! That's right, no batteries required!! It comes with the charging cord that you can plug in to any USB port or charging plug (like for your cell phones), and charge it right up. It's also waterproof for shower and tub (pool, hot tub, etc) fun! At almost 7" in total length, with about 4" being insertable, this smooth silicone toy offers a very deep curve to help reach that g-spot easier. Now, normally, I prefer a more firm shaft to help with my g-spot stimulation. Because this one has a bit of give to it, I was a bit skeptical. This was proven to be unwarranted, because smooth insertion was a breeze, and cycling thru the 10 vibe patterns with the bottom button (press that for about 5 seconds to turn on, and cycle thru the vibe patterns. The top button shuts it off), finding the one I really liked, the curve of the shaft and bulbous head had my g-spot twitching very nicely in minutes!!! Since it's encased in silicone, it's rather quiet, so you won't have to worry too much about the noise through a shut door or thin walls as much. Easy to use and clean up, this toy is very good for any level of toy user! 4 Tyger Paws (out of 4) rating!! You will fall in Amore!
  11. I was unable to find this item on the website, so I'm assuming that they no longer carry it (?). However, in the spirit of being honest, since I was sent this to review, here goes: I love having my clit stimulation! I mean, there's not much better than that for woman, right? Well, be that as it may, I guess I cannot recommend this item. It's calle Screaming O Climax Cream. It boasts "Heightened Simulation For Her". It comes in a white tube, kinda looking like a small sampler of tooth paste. And not to be confused with the black tubed studio collection version that I was able to find on here since it's a different name. Any-who, this stuff comes out like a thin lotion would, and only comes out of the tube as much as you want. I'd love to say a little goes a long way, but, alas, after 4 times of trying this stuff (on 4 separate occasions), the only good things I can say is that it has just a slight odor, which isn't unpleasant, nor overly good though, and that it cleans off rather easily. Guuuuuurl!!! I did every trick I know of to make sure this stuff worked!!! I applied thin, then added a bit more. Spread my legs to see if the air would help activate, had showered so as to apply to a clean area, had tried it excited, & not excited........NOTHING!!! So, if you happen to see a white, .5 oz tube with red lettering that says Screaming O Climax Cream, turn away, it's not worth it.
  12. Wow!!! Though now in my mid-40's, this wouldn't surprise me hearing it now. So many people on dating sites are out for a quick hook-up and not much more. Not all of them, but, many expect sex on the first date. It's really sad that the shallowness of this newer generation can affect pretty much everyone. Everyone wants everything quick, right now. Immediate satisfaction. Unfortunately, that goes for dating too. There are nice people on dating sites. It sometimes takes A LOT of weeding in that garden to produce a good flower.
  13. Where we do love input of sexual escapades, and love talking about sex toys, I do believe you have this site confused with a dating site. This is NOT a hookup site, nor is it a place to advertise yourself (like Plenty of Fish or Tinder). If you wish to peruse the pages, and check out what TooTimid is all about, we welcome that. But please refrain from posting personal ads. Thanks!!!
  14. Tyger

    Icicles No. 2 - Glass Dong

    Glass is always a fun add to your toy box! And, it's hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and can be sterilized!! Not to mention, since it's already smooth, not as difficult to insert!
  15. Tyger

    Air Touch III