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Lacey's G-spot Waterproof Vibe


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Product Review by Mike - Little Rock, AR

A good G-spot vibe, who doesn't want one? I had looked for G-spot vibes and I had looked over a lot of them, every single one in fact. I showed this item to my wife and we agreed to give it a try. It was the first G-spot vibe we have ever purchased. I don't think it will be our last.

I got home before my wife and saw that the box from TT had come. I was very excited, we have gotten many wonderful toys from here and I was very excited to see what we had now could do. I got out our other items and looked at them very excited. Then I pulled this one out and my eyes became the size of sliver-dollars. I thought the shaft was covered in small bumps or just a wavy, ribbed sort of texture. I was wrong. It is covered in hundreds of small protrusions. Now, this toy is jelly, soft, pliable, and you can almost bend it in half. That being said, you might think the bumps would be soft, not really. They were quite stiff. Well, I had my questions, but my wife was eager to try it out.

We used some lube, and began to play around. It became very evident that she was not enjoying it as much as she anticipated. As I got it in, she was having difficulties with this toy. Being a very dedicated woman, we ventured on a bit more and I saw a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. When the curved head hit the right spot, you could see it on her face. It was clear that the head on this was made just right for finding the G-spot. However, any position change that was made with the vibe made her wince with discomfort. It wasn't long and we decided to stop using this toy.

After she had a bit to relax, I began to ask her about the experience. She said the G-spot head was okay, but the shaft was "like the side of a cheese grater with the small, rough, raised parts, for grating hard cheese". OUCH!!!!

All I can say is, the noise was super quiet, and it uses two AAA batteries, has no funny smell, and is a nice color. None of that matters though if you cant stand to use it. My only other though is that you might use a condom to try and cover the bumps on the shaft, but why bother with going through all that, when there are other great G-spot vibes here with GLOWING reviews?

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That was an extremely honest review! It is good to know that not all toys work for all people! I wonder if I would find those bumps pleasurable? I have tried some similiar toys with bumps and LOVED them - it goes to show you, that what works for one, will not always work for another!

Thanks for the honesty!


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I have to agree with Mikayla what a good honest review. I know Mikayla said this but not every toy works for every person. I have to say though I tried Jessicas strobing probe and WOOHOO loved it and no bumps or anything although I tend to like them :) I know that I am planning on writing my opion on Jessicas strobing probe but I have been having just way to much fun with it to actually write a review, this is just a suggestions of a g-spot on to try.

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