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Does your sex life need a little jumpstart? Is your foreplay really lacking? Do you need to reconnect sexually with your partner? Well, I have the perfect solution for you - a sexy, sensual, erotic and FUN board game. Yes, you read right - a board game for ADULTS. No, it is not strip Monopoly, it is the Kama Sutra Game, and it is wonderfully stimulating and flirtatious!


Kama Sutra - or Kamasutram- if you do not know, is the ancient Indian form of sexual experience which combines soft caressing, sexual positioning, and true physical and emotional connection with your partner.

This wonderful game definitely will help you to get closer to your partner by engaging the two of you in a journey of love and connectedness - and yes, you will end up naked - but you will be more emotionally connected before your clothes come off! This is the purpose of the game - to become emotionally connected while you become physically connected!

When my hubby and I sat down on our bed to play this game we were both really excited - I practice Tantra, which is a sub-division of Kama Sutra - so I was anxious to see what would be involved in the game. The instructions suggest that you create a sensual environment - play soft, sexy music, wear comfortable clothes (hey, you are going to be playing a while), light some candles and give yourself a good chunk of alone time to play - do not rush. In our life full of responsibilities, it is important to take our time with sex and love.

There is an exercise on the inner portion of the instructions that is a mantra of sorts - very typical in Kama Sutra - that will help to connect you with your partner. Even if you do not believe in this sort of thing, I suggest you do it together; it will help to relax you and connect you. Then you will be more receptive to play.

The game is simple, you roll the die and move your board piece on the board landing on spaces which command you to do things such as, "You have been granted 3 wishes, each of you discuss what these would be" or "remove all clothing from the top half of your body, and go back 4 spaces." There are also card spaces where you are prompted to pick a card. Many of the cards are position cards, giving you Kama Sutra positions to try (in many cases, the game would be over at this point) or suggesting that you "stimulate your partner's private parts with just your feet or hands."

The point to the game board stops and the cards are to intermix sexual discussions and touching with sexual play so that you not only become aroused but you also learn about your partner's fantasies, desires, sexual likes and dislikes. It also forces you - in a gentle manner - to engage in foreplay. Many couples skip foreplay and need something to revive that part of their sex life. This game will definitely reconnect you with your lover!

My hubby and I LOVED this game. It was incredibly sensual. I learned things about my husband that I didn't know - which is quite a thing. We had fun, we laughed, we connected and we had a wonderful, slow, sexy and extremely erotic night of foreplay and lovemaking. This game took up about 2 hours to play (only because we have A LOT of stamina) but you could make it last as long or as short as you want! The rules are simple, but really all up to you!

I highly suggest this game to any couple! If you want to reconnect with your lover - GET THIS GAME - it is just that simple! You will find the deep, soul connectedness that you once had, and you will have some great foreplay while you are doing it! Even if you think you and your partner have a great connection - this game is still great for spicing up the sex life and trying something different. So why not see why Kama Sutra has been around for thousands of years - give your relationship the benefit of some soul healing - get the Kama Sutra game!

Mikayla :blink:

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