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Great Oral Sex?

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i have recently given my boyfriend a BJ. He said it was realy good and he kept pushing my head further and further down, however i have never been able to make him cum as i keep stopping due to being well............. nervous!

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you have any tips or hints (MEN aswell!) i would be grateful to recieve all.

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WELCOME Kinky Kitty!

It is great that you want to learn how to give the ultimate BJ! There is NOTHING to be nervous about - but then again, you do have your man's most precious part in your mouth, so I suppose some nerves are adequate.

This discussion has come up many a time, with a lot of great helpful hints, so I will post a link to the most recent discussion. Please read this thread, as I believe it will be enlightening and helpful to you. If after reading it, you have more questions, PLEASE post again. Also, let us know how it goes next time, we love follow up!

Good luck, have fun, and don't be NERVOUS - just give pleasure to him and to YOU!


Mikayla :D

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