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I am a newbie and a bit embarrassed by my question, but here goes. I am a happily married woman with a very good (almost great) sex life. My question is this. Exactly HOW do married couples use vibrators and other sex toys? I bought one that fits over his penis and is supposed to reach my clit but it only irritated me. Doesn't it intimidate or offend the husband by wanting to try toys that are only to please the wife? or is the purpose for him to watch while I get off? I am just a bit uneducated but very interested because we can get really hot in the bedroom (and other places). I want to try new things and I think he would be open to toys. What next? :unsure:

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Welcome Hjb!! I owe a few sex toys and my husband loves to help use them on me and also to watch me use them on myself. Before getting one I would sit down and talk but it sounds like he wouldnt be intimidated by it, but of course I dont know but just from just your short post it didnt sound like he would be.

Anyway talk to him and see how he feels about it, here is a discribtion of how my hubby and I use my sex toys. Usually he will begin to caress me ect and and kiss me and I will reach down for my toys and grab one of my favorties.I begin to let the vibrator help him on alot of the work. :) He will lick my clit while I lube it up ect... Then he will slowly insert it into me while he is eating me, this is just one of the basic ways the start shall I say. :P then as I begin to get wetter he will say to me hunny you want it in your ass, and of course me being a anal person and actually enjoy anal sex alot I say of course. He slides the vibrator in my ass and OMG :blink: not only is he enjoying seeing himself slide it in and out of my ass but I am loving it. Then of course I am into DP(double penetration) so I am all ready for him to insert his hard penis in me to. :D

There are numerous ways, I do have to say though I have be caught :ph34r: which was not a bad thing playing with myself when he came home and he enjoyed watching and helping also.

I hope this helps some but with a little imagination omg the things we can do in our playground with toys as they say are "just for women" my husband as enjoyed me taking my vibrator and holding it unders his balls and the skin rubbing it back and forth by his anus.

I am sure there will be alot more post for you but I at least hope this one helps you some. :)

Good Luck and keep us posted

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Ok, I think you have 2 separate questions here. First, I am assuming you bought a vibrating cock ring. It goes over your hb penis and then the clitoral stimulator is supposed to hit your clit. Sometimes, since all women are designed differently, the clitoral stimulator doesn't reach as it is supposed to. I would suggest taking out the bullet that causes the vibrations and use this directly on your clitoris - this will give you the added sensations you want. If your ring also is designed to give him pleasure, leave the other in, or if you don't need the clitoral stim, then turn it backwards so his balls can get the vibrations. Then it will be a whole new realm!

Now, as to your question as to HOW married couples use sex toys - I would say that this question has a wide range of answers. For me, my hubby and I use them as an enhancement. We have a great sex life - with and without sex toys. The toys add variety, spice it up, give us different experiences. Some of the toys (like bullets or slimlines) are great for foreplay. We just like to use them occassionally - not all the time. SO for us, it is just something fun. My husband really enjoys watching the toys penetrate me - it gets him very, very hard and ready. Most men enjoy this kind of thing - they are visually stimulated. So I would say that it would be similiar for most men.

Other couples use sex toys because they need help in the bedroom. Perhaps they have erectile or orgasm issues, and certain toys can help with that. It really depends on the circumstances. The purpose is not just to "get off" while he watches - although many couples, including myself, have done that. Who is to say that you can only get off one time! Do it once with the toy, then ravage your hubby! Couples toys are great, some furry handcuffs, oral sex gels, warming gels - all these things. How about asking your hb what he thinks of watching you with a toy. I think he will give you a better answer than I could.

If you have a wonderful sex life - sex toys will only enhance that. Since you seem to have a good sex life, I would say your purpose would be just for extra fun. Why not explore the shopping guide together, see what he is into. You may be surprised!

Have fun and Good Luck!

Mikayla B)

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