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Mini Vibro Tease


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Mini Vibro Tease

Anal toys are becoming more & more popular. Everyone has their preferences: slender, thick, bendy, firm, silicone, rubber, plastic, glass......and let’s not forget about shapes! How does one choose?

I get this probe, & I’m intrigued. We normally don’t care for the bulbous type shape, and, in all honesty, I don’t care for the TPR as a material for my anal toys. TPR is porous, so, you have to be sooo careful when cleaning (though you should always be careful when cleaning anal toys). Some people like TPR for anal toys because it IS a softer material, and will conform to your anus a bit better.

I was thrilled to see it came with 2 sets of batteries that go into the removable bullet. You don’t even need to take them out of the plastic, just slide them in, & they all fit nicely. The push button on the bullet has 2 settings, Off & ON! And on is STRONG! And it’s waterproof, another bonus!

The whole shaft is only 3.5" long, and at its widest, it’s 1". It tapers down to a bulbous shape to the flared base. I do love that it has the flared base, for easier gripping/no slipping out of sight!

So, to be fair to the toy, I did try it anally, and found it to not be what I really cared for in an anal toy. However, the next night (& after a thorough cleaning), I decided to test my theory. I had noticed that the vibes that little bullet gave off were remarkably STRONG, so, knowing how my clit LOVES direct stimulation, I tried the Vibro that way. The tip is perfect for pinpointing itself on my clit, & the vibes were STRONG, just the way I like them! Plus, as an added benefit, the tapered base really worked well for my grip! Yes, this worked really really well for my clit at least!

So, I will give this a 3 Tyger Paw (out of 4) rating.

Perfect for some

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