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I have to say – what woman doesn’t like to be fingered? I mean really! The inventers of this vibe really are geniuses in their own right! First, someone invented the Dildo, then the vibrator, then the Dual Action, THEN the Tongue – and NOW a vibrator that can FINGER you and VIBRATE at the same time! I mean, what is going to come next, really? Ladies, we are so lucky, cause there is literally a toy out there that can do almost every sexual thing we can ever imagine! I am talking about the Fukuoku @ Fingers & A Thumb Vibe:


When I saw this toy, I just HAD to have it – if for no better reason than to say out loud, “hey honey, can you grab me the TWO FINGERS AND A THUMB VIBE!” Cause that is what it actually is – literally – a little purple vibe that looks like 2 bent fingers and a rather stunted “thumb” with tiny, upraised pleasure bumps. It is extremely lightweight and easy to manage – AND – BONUS TIME – it comes with……drum roll please…..THE BATTERIES! Any toy that comes with the batteries has my vote already! :D

I was excited to play with my new little toy – and I was eager to see if it would feel like I was being fingered – since that is what it is supposed to do, right? I decided to let my hubby watch, cause him doing me with this vibe seemed, well, odd. We plopped in the batteries and applied some lube and away I went. The controls are super easy – one side for the clitoral stimulating “thumb” and the other side for the fingers. The further you push the lever, the faster the thumb or fingers move and vibrate.

I decided to just insert the fingers and kind of play with myself first before turning on the vibrations, just to get a feeling for the toy. The fingers only span about an inch and a half in diameter – so they are not terribly “filling” as far as using this as a standard vibe, but the little thumb with the pleasure bumps felt quite nice rubbing against my clit – even without the vibrations. I just sort of manipulated the toy around to enjoy the feeling – and I must say this – when my hubby fingers me – he uses 3 to 4 fingers, so I wasn’t surprised that this didn’t feel full to me. I mean, the fingers on this toy are realistically sized - sort of. Meaning, my finger is as big as the main finger, but the second finger is smaller than a real finger. If you have MAN'S Fingers, they are much larger - so you get BONUS size. I prefer MORE in my pussy - many may like a little less - it is all about preference.

Anyway, I turned on the thumb first and the vibrations combined with the bumps are VERY, VERY nice. I was just enjoying the pressure of the thumb with the little added stimulation of the fingers. I decided to add the finger rotations as well. I turned off my clit vibrations and let the fingers work. Not terribly impressive – but then again, I am used to a lot more fingers – but I could feel them circling around and around. I upped the speed and took the toy out a bit – so they were working more around the outside – and that was much better for me.

I then put on both of the controllers on high to see what this baby could do and noticed immediately that my clit stimulations were not as good if the finger rotation was on high! BUMMER! I was still getting the clit stimulation – which I prefer – but not as high of a vibration. So I turned down the speed of the fingers and concentrated on the clit – and soon my orgasm built and I came with primarily the clit vibrations and not much of the finger vibrations at all!

I would say that this vibe is definitely a great choice for beginners because it is so quiet, small, lightweight and just plain cute. It has the capacity to work like a dual – with the clit stimulation and the finger rotations – but it is in no way as intimidating as a larger, dual action is. It is also a fun alternative for any woman – especially if you enjoy clitoral stim and just a little outside pressure! As I said, if you want both – this might not be for you because the fingers only go in about 4 inches and if you want some heavy clitoral sensations combined with insertion – you can’t have both with this toy.

You have to choose which aspect of the toy you want to have the most vibrations – and for me, it was the clitoral stimulations! So, if you are a beginner or if you just want something fun – try the 2 Fingers and a Thumb Vibe! If you like a “little” fingering – then this vibe is for you! If you like a LOT of fingering....it isn't!

Mikayla ;)

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