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He Had A Dr's Appt.

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So my husband went into the dr's office for a follow up visit (about his feet) the nurse was talking to him before hand, (i wasn't there, i came a little later), well he sends me a text "i made the nurse blush." i was curious, texted back, asked him what he did, he said he'd tell me later...

well, once i got to the dr's office i asked him. we were leaving the room when he saw the nurse. "that's the one that blushed" she wasn't very old, maybe 40's.

so i asked him "what'd you do??"

he said the nurse asked him if he does regular testicle exams... his reply

no, my wife would rather do it herself.

ugh men.. LOL.. but i guess she turned pretty bright red, i giggled...

purrr. lol

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LOL nice!

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yeah.. he's weird.. LOL. but i do have to say, i love his balls :D

i remember when we were dating... well we met at work, then he went back to college 3 hours away. so we did a lot of webcam and msn chats... and he had this REALLY big roommate.. and i was joking around and said "you show me your boobs, i'll show you mine"... well we did..

then me and my hubby started chatting and getting more sexual... and we teased eachother. the first time he flashed me all i could say is "YOU HAVE THE BIGGEST BALLS I'VE EVER SEEN!" lol....

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