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Oral Sex To Intense For Her


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This is my fist time posting here, so I hope that I am posting in the right forum.

We have lots of foreplay, and she is plenty wet before I work my way down. When I get to her clit, she can not lay still; after plenty of other oral fun in surrounding areas (legs, belly, lips, back). She says that it is too intense and wants me to stop. I know that she is fine with the idea and loves the way that it feels. It does not tickle, nor do I force or push down to hard.

Sex is great, and I would love to be able to finish her off many times with some good mouth and tongue on that clit and area, but she can not take it. What do you think I need to improve on?

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Welcome Needslotsofhelp! Well let me start by saying I use to be the same way and at times I still am!When my Hb goes down on me it does get to intense and I as he says(climb the walls) and he having to hold me me still or I will get away. IT feels great so it isnt that it hurts or anything, but what I have learned from my own experiance since I still at times runaway :) because the feeling is so INTENSE I will ask him to slow down and gently lick ect tell I calm down a little, I have also learned to try to control myself with Howards great advice and Mikaylas deep breaths, when it becomes so intense for her tell her to take deep breaths and you slow down a little to. That urge to pull away or that intense feeling exspecially in the clitoral area is for me that point when I am about to have a O it becomes so INTENSE and blood rushes there and makes it OMG WONDERFUL, although I am guilty at pulling away or making him stop or putting my hand in the way. Communication is the best thing, now instead of me pulling away I will say a little slower let me get control of me, and so he slows down and I regain my self control. :P

I love it and I have to admit that when you are about to have a O for clitoral stimulation it is hightly intense!

Keep posting and let us know :)

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