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Be A Tease


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No one likes a tease, the old saying goes — but that truism falls flat when it comes to great sex.

The mere suggestion of touch is often more scintillating than the actual stroke. Crafting a long, slow buildup to intercourse makes the main event explosive; keeping him guessing about what you'll do next will drive him wild and bring you both to the edge of excitement.

The best way to milk your foray into foreplay for all its worth is to break from the usual techniques and the usual anatomy. If you're on the receiving end, ask your partner to avoid your genitals (temporarily). He can swipe by them as he kisses your abdomen, caresses your inner thigh, or fondles a rarely explored part. If you're the one dishing it out, kiss him everywhere but there. Intensify the tease by paying the genitals a little attention, but only for a minute. Immediately put the focus back on another seemingly unrelated body part, and repeat. You'll build his anticipation and send him straight into the stratosphere when you finally give him what he wants.

Ultimately, the receiver will be like putty in the partner's hands and begging for it. They do say that good things come to those who wait!

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