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Got a way with words? Have a little fun this weekend: Make up some kinky Mad Libs for you and your partner, and you'll get the creative juices flowing. There are two ways to do it:

The first is to take a paragraph from a sexy story. Lift a passage from your favorite Danielle Steel novel, or do an online search for "erotica." Type up the text, then go through it and delete key words. If you ever played Mad Libs as a kid, you know how it works: Nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs are replaced by your partner, who has no sense of the story's real context. Only this time, the vocabulary's a bit more grown-up!

The other way is to take the driest writing and sex it up with a "naughty words only" rule. Try a news story from today's headlines, or clip an ad from a magazine. It's fun to see how sexy you can get about fabric softener!

If Mad Libs aren't your thing, try dirty Scrabble®, strip gin rummy, or an intimate game of your own devising. Who knew game night could be so sexy?

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We've played scrabble, and a few other games using erotic rules in conjunction. Erotic scrabble is harder than you think and FUN! Two of the rules we use is "if you have a word greater than 12pts and it's a verb you can choose to have it acted out", AND winner takes all choosing how to 'do' or 'be done'. Think it's easy...... think again. Let us Know what your experiences have been.

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