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This definitely intrigued me when I received it. I took this baby out of its box and gave it a nice warm bath with antibacterial soap. It is not waterproof so be very careful as you do not want it to be dead before you even get to enjoy. Then I let him air dry til it was time for him to come to life. I then slid the clear cover off at the bottom and inserted the 4 AAA batteries needed. They were very easy to install.

The shaft has 5 inches of insertable length and approximately 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. The clit stim measures approximately 2.25 inches in length. At the end it actually looks like 5 little fingers extended from the end.

Off to test the controls before playtime---just like a little kid with a new toy! There are dual controls which is a bonus. The clit stim lights up. As you slide the control forward, the vibration gets stronger and the light gets brighter for the clit stim. As for the shaft, when you slide the control forward the vibration gets more intense and the rotation changes around and picks up in speed as well.

Now it is time to play and go for a test drive. I slowly inserted to see how it felt, at first trying it to see how it felt without the vibrations and the nubs on the shaft. I then started with the clit stim which goes from very low to medium. I am the type of gal that likes a strong vibe and unfortunately this is not it. Then on to the shaft rotation and vibration. As you slide the control up it picks up intensity from low to high and the rotation varies in speed and pattern as you adjust it. It was a nice feeling but not enough to put me over the edge, but it did help the build up.

I am not a big fan of a rotating shaft, and the clit stim was too mild for my taste, though I will have to say that the strength of the vibration in the shaft was very good.

This toy is not for me, but others who prefer a more gentle touch may love it.

This toy can be used by beginners or advanced.

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