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Shane's World Anal Beads 101


My beads arrived! :) I was so excited to try something new..I looked like a kid running to my house, from the mail box, like I just just gotten my birthday money in the mail. :P The whole thing is about 6.5" in length the beads range from .25" to .75" with a .5 gap between each bead. They are smooth and made of a sturdy firm jelly, a nice light blue with a ring at the end. Here's a little FYI just in case you have never tried anal beads, you can never have to much lube, and in case you didnt know the ring at the end is for you to be able to pull the beads out as slowly or as fast as you would like without the fear of them getting stuck or lost. :)

Time to Play! :D I am a HUGE anal play person.. So off to bed with my too timid lube in hand! I used my fingers to stimulate my clitoral area just to get the blood flowing, spread my legs and was just about to raise them up,lube my beads and set off for a little relieve,when the hubby comes in from work. :D He of course was extremely interested in what I was doing and hopped into bed to help! :) He began to rub the first bead around my anus and tease me with it. Oh MY was I ready for him to insert the beads, they went in extremely easy, no discomfort, no pain, Pleasure all the way! When he inserted the first bead I thought I was going to climax right then and there. WOW! Then he slowly insert the other beads one at a time and paused a little in between.This new feeling of beads in my anus instead of his penis or my vibe was a remarkable feeling that I cant even discribe, overwhelming, extreme , intense PLEASURE!!!!!

Hubby decided to find out how much he can make me squirm. Slowly he pulled the on the cord and MY OH MY !!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: He then began to slide them in and out, faster, harder just like I like, and out of the blue I came not only once but twice!!!!!!!!! Hubby was in shock,,,he was so hard....he just had to insert his penis,,,in my already hot wet pussy. DP :) My favorite thing! While he was thrusting away he was pulling the beads in and out at the same time with the rythum he was keeping. WOOOHOOO then the BIG ORGASM came!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE!That these little beads could cause me to have such a Orgasm.

These beads are outstanding I will never underestimated the power of a bead. :P They are perfect for the beginner since they do start off small and you are able to go at your own pace, and introduce something new to that area that starts off small while increasing in size that is not overwhelming. The advance players this is a must have in my book exspecially if you like the DP as much as me. What a new way of having having DP!!!!!!

Have fun playing and remember with anal play lots of lube and make sure you clean any toy used for anal play with antibacterial soap!

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;) I too am a giant fan of Anal Beads on a flexi-strip, as opposed to the ones which are loose on a string. Can you tell me, are these on the firmer side, or do they flop around a lot when you try to insert them? Sometimes the ones on a flexi-strip are not firm enough for insertion if you are new to anal - and since you are not new to anal, you obviously did just fine, but for a beginner, I would think that would be relevant.

Glad you loved those beads...and you know I am loving the color...pale blue...mmmmmm.


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Actually Mikayla these were really good on the firm side. I was impressed that they didnt flop around since the are flexiable. It also had a slight curve to it but they were pretty easy to pull in and out without any problem. :)

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