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Need Advice On Anal Insertion


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hello group :)

i am thrilled to be a new member in this awesome and yes hot forum....i have a question on anal insertion i know you probably get asked this all the time but mine is a bit unique....i am disabled with cerebral palsy and i am literally a virgin in all senses of the word both sexually and anally..i decided to treat myself to a njoy pure plug because its smooth and supposedly feels part of your body once inserted...and after talking to the customer service people i decided to go with the pure plug over a prostate massager because with the pure plug i can sit in the wheelchair for hours and hours with it inside me....and yes that thought makes me feel so sexy and makes me tingle

my question is basic...laying on my side on a bed seems the best way to go...but since this would be my first time i read an article that the anal membrane and tissue is thin so im really scared about breaking that and causing bleeding....i am doing this on my own so i would be doing this by feel...the njoy pure plug is made out of stainless steel and it says i can heat it up so it will relax the muscles to make it easier...can i also use lube

and if you can think of any other suggestions to make this painless and ultimately pleasurable that would be greatly appreciated


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I understand where youre coming from with your fears but dont worry. The dangers with inserting something anally is mainly with sharp objects, or doing it violently. If you use lube on a plug (one designed for this kind of thing) and you go to your comfort levels you should be fine.

Something to keep in mind is be prepared to go with a smaller plug and work your way up. This varies from person to person, but its easiest to start small and get bigger. Even though i like things anally quite frequently, i still sometimes need a small plug to loosen me up. Dont use numbing creams to make it easier, if it hurts stop, it means youre not using enough lube, or youre going to big the first time. Youll also want to make sure the plug your going for is good for extended wear. There are some specifically for long periods of time, but most work for 30ish minute periods. The reason for this is gas buildup. I didnt understand this at first, but i spent fifteen minutes with beads in and quickly realized how quickly gas accumulates.

Anal is a learning experience. Feel free to ask questions, do research,try new things. It awakens you to a whole new side of sex.

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thank you you bbarney you made me feel a lot more comfortable i feel more comfortable...we all start at the beginning sometime....i did not know about the gas part thank you so much i will do more research :)

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