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Review by Ladylove 4/2013

Shhhh, I'm having an affair. I'm in-love Lelo Ina! She came to me beautifully wrapped in a black box with a velvety finish inside, my perfect purple Ina placed in the center. Her charger and a silky black bag are great for overnight traveling which is perfect for me. After the long trip to my house she needed to be charged. In about 2 hours she was ready and waiting. She can go for a loooong time between charges. Also, Ina is waterproof. She is very creative with eight programmed stimulation modes, and very quite. The strength of the vibe for each mode is completely programable by the user. Whatever your pleasure at the moment she will indulge you! I should tell you Ina is silicone which means I can NEVER, EVER use silicone lube when she and I are together. Ina has a silky smooth touch, which feels fabulously luxurious while she's sliding around those ohhh so private places. She's also ergonomically perfect for holding as well as controlling movement and settings. Ina has joined DH and I but, Ina and I do sneak off to be on our own too.

I will be having a very long love affair with Ina. She's my favorite, no contest! Every women should have an Ina.

No surprise I award Lelo Ina a 5 out of 5 hearts.


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