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I have always enjoyed Miami Beach. South Beach is one of my favorite places in the US. Marie and I had spent the day playing in the sun. We rented a couple of lounges in the sand somewhere near 5th Street a few paces of the guard tower. I have never had the pleasure of seeing Marie is something so small. She slow pealed off her shirt revealing a tiny triangle top with just enough material to cover her nipples. I thought I went to heaven until she removed her shorts.Her thong was so tight and small that I could see the outline of her plump lips. My excitement was instantly noticeable. This is when I heard her quietly giggle and reach in to her bag. "If I have a show for you, you are going to have a show for me." She said. She handed me a thin piece of bright orange material and told me to go put it on and come back as soon as possible.

As I walk to the changing room I thought she has to be crazy. There isn't enough material here to cover my butt let alone keep me supported up front. I was only partially correct. Her choice of beach wear for me showed plenty of cheek, but the pouch was roomy and comfortable. I put on my shorts and began to walk back to our chairs. About half way back to Marie I heard her shout to me. "Take those off. I want to see." I thought "OH GOD, really" as I slid out of my shorts. I didn't quite make it to her when she came running to me wrapping me in her arms and giving me one of the most passionate kisses of my life. Instantly my manhood came to life as Marie began to grind her hips into me. As soon as she started she stepped away. "I have plenty of surprised for you today."

As we began to soak up the warm sun, Marie remover her top and asked me to apply sunscreen on her. I began with her legs moving slowly up from her feet to her thighs. Opening her legs I accidentally rubbed my thumb across her pussy lips until she begged me to get back to work. By the time I reached her beautiful breast her nipples were erect and hard as rocks. It is then she turned over telling me "not yet." I spent special attention applying the white liquid to her back and buns. Sitting back on my chair she reached over and pulled me in for a kiss. To my surprise she also stroked my cock a few times before lying back down.

My God I was hot and it wasn't the sun. I wanted her and told her we needed to leave the beach. Marie said no way, we are staying for at least another two hours. For the next couple of hours she proceeded to tease me with gentle touches, quick caresses, and occasionally stroking my half erect cock.

Finally, Marie decided that we needed to go back to our room. I was completely read to take her once we entered our temporary residence. On the walk to the hotel Marie instructed me that I would have to wait. There was more to come, and i would not get my release until she was good and ready. once in the room she tole me to wait while she showered. She was a goddess when she walked out of the bath, glistening with well defined tan lines leading to her alter of love. As i got up she pushed me aside telling me to shower and shave "everything." Her request is always my command. As I exited the show is saw Marie lying on the bed with a dildo in one hand as she stroked her pussy with the other. "Stop, sit over there and watch. You can not touch yourself, just watch." I was told. I watched her slow stroke her pussy, watching it become wetter and wetter. then when she was ready she slowly slid that beautiful dildo inside of her. She increased her rhythm until she came screaming and gasping for air. she then got up dressed and left me sitting in the chair with a rock hard erection pleading with her for release. "To bad, you will have to wait." She cooed.

After dinner on Ocean Drive Marie lead me to the World Erotic Art Museum (WEAM). Walking though the WEAM she made constant comments about how she could use this dildo or perform that act in the painting we were looking at. All the while she was stroking me, rubbing up against me, and generally not letting me forget what was to come.

When we finally got back to the hotel, Marie took me by the hand and sat me on the edge of the bed. she stripped my clothing off and stepped back to slowly remove her dress. She stood in front of me with nothing but a bright orange thong covering her most intimate part. " I want you to lay back, please. I am going to straddle your face and let you have a sweet before you get to fuck me until I can't come any more." I almost love oral sex more than intercourse and Marie knows it. Her pussy is sweet and I had her dripping wet all over my face the first time she came. She proceeded to slide herself down and take me in her mouth while stroking my balls. All the while she was stroking her own pussy and feeding me her fingers after each deep plunge into her hot sex. When she finally took my cock into her tight wet pussy I went to heaven. Marie rode me with abandon, slowly then quickly, then slowly again. Sooner than I wanted I was telling to slow down because I was going to come. "Good, I want your juice." She moaned. "I need it. I have to come I can't take much more." She was shouting now. Then I felt it. I exploded inside of her as she screamed, moaned and cried in ecstasy.

Rolling of me she said, "I love Miami. Just wait until tomorrow. I have something new planned for you."

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Tan Lines part 2

I woke to the sun streaming through the balcony window. Reaching over I discovered that Marie had already left the bed. She was sitting on the balcony quietly sipping a cup of something that I was unfamiliar with. I walked out to great her stark naked with my penis at half mast. Marie looked up and said "good morning love. Are you ready for a new day and a new adventure?" She then leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. I was instantly hard as she reached up to stroke my nipples. With in minutes I was coming in her mouth. "How was that to start your day. There is much more to come, just you wait." She said. "Now let's get ready for the day."

Marie walked in the room and began fumbling through her bag. Occasionally she would pull out an item of clothing and put it back, then another and another, until she finally settled on a semi shear bright pink bikini. My heart started racing again. Pink is her color and accents her carmel skin beautifully. Looking over at me pulling out my clothing for the day she stopped me. "You are not going to wear that. I have something special for you both now and for later. Now, you are going to put this on." She handed me a tiny thong with just enough room to fit my goods into the contoured pouch. "You have to be kidding. I'm not going to the beach in this. Yesterday was pushing the limits, but this no way." I told her. "If you want what I have planned for later you will. Besides limits are there for us to push, and I am going to push both of us today." She chided.

I never could resist Marie, so I put on the thong and got ready for the beach. Just as I was about to dress for the walk to the ocean Marie stopped me. "You're not done. You have a few things to finish the look with before we go." She handed me a heavy satin colored metal ring and told me to put it around my cock and balls. "I'm not doing this." I said. "Yes you are. You are mine and I don't want you to forget that today. Think of that ring around you cock as a reminder of who you belong to today. That cock is for the pleasure of my pussy and I want it ready for me whenever I say." Marie told me. I slipped my cock and balls through the ring, adjusted for comfort and slid the thong back over my jutting manhood. The bulge was more than noticeable. Marie licked her lips and reached over a to give me a quick stroke. She then stepped back and began to dig through her bag again. She pulled out two silver balls some lube and began to push them one at a time into her pussy. "This is to keep my hot and ready today. Now let's get out to the beach."

Once we got our chairs and laid out out towels the fun began. Marie decided that she was going topless again today. Not that I mind, but she keeps me distracted. Her breast are so firm and ready to be caressed and licked. The silver balls must have been doing the job because when ever she moved she would let out a little moan. Marie decided we needed to jump in the ocean and started pulling me out of the lounge. "It's one thing to be lying here in this thong, but I am not going to go walking around the beach in this thing." I said. "You are and will! Remember you are mine and if I want to see your buns on the beach I will. Now get up and start walking in front of me." Reluctantly I complied with her demand. Marie was close behind letting out cat calls and snapping the material leading down between my cheeks. By the time we were waist deep in the clear water Marie had her hand slid under the material of my thong stroking me to attention. As we walked to deeper water I began to finger her pussy. Her clit was engorged, and in no time she was panting and moaning shoftly in my ear as she came. "That was a good boy. I needed that. Now put that thing away and get out of the water." She said. This was going to take a while for me to get back down to acceptable condition. The cock ring wasn't helping the situation any either.

By the time I reached my chair Marie was already slowly drying herself off. Lying down on the lounge I closed my eyes and began to drift to sleep. I awoke with Marie on top of me grinding her pussy against my expanding cock. Once I was hard enough to pop out of the material Marie rolled off and told me to roll over until the swelling went down. "Damn girl, what you do to me." I cried. She decided this was a fun game and climbed on top a couple more times for a teasing ride.

Leaving the beach Marie told me this was fetish night. I knew I was in trouble now. Once in the room Marie handed me some black rubber shorts, a shinny black vest and black biker gloves. "Go Shower. Put these on. We are going out." For her part Marie dressed in a leather corset, g-string, long black gloves, and black stockings attached to garters, and spike heals. I almost came just looking at her. "Down boy." She whispered as she attached a collar around my neck. She then attached a leash and told me to comply. "You still have that cock ring around your penis, don't you? You better, I haven't told you to remove it yet." Marie purred. She then led me out the door down the elevator and to the fetish club. After a couple hours of dancing, teasing, spanking, and commanding me to gently bite her nipples, Marie told me it was time to leave.

Back at the hotel Marie told me to get ready. She cuffed my hands in front and leashed them to the table next to an over stuffed chair. "Now bend over and stroke you cock for me" She commanded. "I don't know if I can. You have the leash pretty short." I said. "Just do it, while I am getting ready to take you." She then turned removed her silver balls and took out her favorite glass dildo with a flared base, attached it to her harness and slid the device up to her hips. She return to me and pulled down my shorts and had me step out of them. "I am going to fuck you like you fuck me. I know you want it. I know you like it. Now bend all the way over and move your feet apart." I did as she asked. The next thing I felt was a dollop of lube being massaged into my ass. "Now get ready you hot fucker, I going to give it to you the way you want it." She then slapped my ass and slowly penetrated my tight ass. As she began to pump her hips she instructed me to stroke my hard cock but not to come until she said so. " Yes that's it. I want to see you fucking yourself as I fuck you. Oh that is so good. Yea keep it hard. I'm so wet. My clit is so big. Oh god I am going to come fucking you like this. Don't you dare come." Next she was shouting her orgasm and withdrawing her glass from my ass. She reach down released my cuffs and led me to the bed.

"Now eat that hot pussy. Lick me until I come. You're such a good cunt licker. Just do it."It didn't take long before she was flooding my mouth with her sweat nectar. Pushing my face away, Marie told me to get inside of her. As I slid my hard cock into her she told me it was now my turn. "Just fuck me until you come. I want to feel you shoot your juice in my pussy. That's it fuck me, harder, harder." She wailed. I reached down and slapped her ass. This led to her to clenching down and coming again. "Just keep fucking me." She moaned. I couldn't take much more and finally had my release. It felt like I shot gallons of come in her sweet spot. My orgasm seemed to go on and on. Finally spent, I laid down next to my love. "Oh God, you are too much. I love you so. You make me so crazy. You are sexy as hell, and I will never get enough of you." I told her.

Marie cleaned us both up. then asked, "Do we have to go home? I love Miami so much. When can we get back here?"

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