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I have been on this site in the past and it has been a long time since i was here. I am a 43 year old male that is very horny and I am married with 3 kids. Wife and I have a very active sex life with sex 3 time a week. I like to go commando ALL the time. I would like the wife to go commando but she will not because she says she leaks fluid and does not want it dripping down her leg. I hate to wear underwear. It just does not feel comfortable anymore since i go without all the time. I shave my balls and maybe about a 1/2 inch around them. I let the rest go real bushy and long.

The wife does shave her pussy lips and area around her pussy and lets a small patch above the pussy long and bushy.... It is so hot to play with and looks hot. We just bought our first realistic cock for me to stimulate her and insert it into her and play with her clit...I should say she is very conservative and this is a big step for her to ever allow a fake cock to be put into her. Is there any other suggestions you may have that I can use this toy on her and in her.

I would also like to give and receive oral but she says NO. she says it is far to sensitive for that down there. not sure why she will not take me in her mouth though.

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`We do have a very great sex life. We love to show each other our naked bodies and flirt with each other. wife and i did a 10 day sex challenge where you have sex for 10 days in a row. it is designed to build oneness with your spouse and have that intimacy with your spouse. It was great to do that and we had a fun time. we even did a quickie at lunch time one day while i was home for lunch

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Welcome back - I was here a while ago and have now come back. Congrats on the step your wife has taken :)

I know my husband can sit there and just watch me play with it and he likes me to tell him my fantasy that I have when I do play by myself.

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