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In His Office Again.


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So, I kept trying to submit this to a website called Lush, but they were so picky, and I NEVER seem to find the time between home and my non paying -long story- job that I gave up. Well.. Here's a great POV, I wrote a couple years ago about a girl who gets breaks dress code in her school.

* opinions welcome *

In His Office Again

She's back in his office again, but was it intentional?

I knew something wasn't right when my name was announced over the loud speaker. I heard your voice boom through the halls and it gave my body chills as my clunky heels clacked down the halls.

I opened the wooden door with the old metal door knob that was cold to the touch thinking of how many turns that knob had been turned.

"Take a seat Miss. He'll be with you shortly." I hear Ms. Chamberlain, the schools secretary order me. I take a seat in an old wooden chair that's freezing cold to my barely covered ass, which is my fault, and I know it. It's why I'm in here. I am violating my school's dress code in every way possible and I know it. But with my pending punishment that I know is coming, I start to get really nervous.

This morning I gleefully picked out my white thigh high socks, a little plaid skirt(that's school issued by the way!), clunky heeled Oxfords, a crisp white button up shirt that I playfully have tied at my waist, black lace bra and matching lace panties.

So I know all too well, that I am in it deep this time.

You open the door and call me into your office. I walk in and sit down in a big plush, high, wingback chair. You begin your lecture again on how the students appearance as well as, academics reflect the integrity of our school and that my uniform is a bad example of the higher education and reputation we are known for.

You explain that corporal punishment is enforced and I will be receiving punishments for my actions and my violations.

You order me to stand and bend over the arm of the high back chair. You stand behind me and I feel your hands slide down from my shoulders to my sides and then to my hips and stop. You begin to rub my hips in a soft but firm manner. You're hands then find themselves sliding down my thigh and back up to feel my thin lacy panties as you slip one finger inside of me.

I start to make little moans and noises and you move your hand from my clit to my mouth and stick your fingers in my mouth to keep me quiet but as I suck on your fingers, I get the feeling that you have other ideas in your head.

You pull your fingers out of my mouth and kneel down to get close to my legs and start to admire the delicate fabric of my thigh high white socks with black ribbon bows on the top. As you kneel, your hands go up my skirt and pull down my panties leaving them at my ankles around my shoes.

You come back up and hold a finger to my lips "Do not to breathe a sound nor a word." And I nod my head "yes" and you ask me, "yes what?" I reply "Yes, sir." My head is tightly held down and I feel my body about to shudder.

You stand up leaving me where I stood and you say to me "Now, be a good girl and walk to the table, bend over and spread your legs leaving everything as is. Do you understand?" I nod my head in silence and you say "WHAT do you say girl?" "Sir, yes sir. I'm sorry sir. I will do what is asked of me sir."

I walk over to the table with my panties at my ankle and trying to walk in my clunky heels. I make it to the table and spread my legs as far as my panties will let me and bend over. I've never wanted something so bad in my life. I'm terrified at what your going to do but not knowing is driving me slowly over the edge. I never knew relativity was so surreal in such a moment.

I hear your footsteps walk behind me as I hear your zipper being undone. You walk up behind me and lift my skirt exposing my barely covered ass as I feel you're cold hands on my skin as you gently rub my ass cheeks. You place a hand on the back of my neck. "Close your eyes, angel." "Sir, my eyes are closed." I reply. And as silence comes through the room I feel the hard slap on my ass before I hear it. It stings with a burn as I feel it get hot.

I feel your warm body pressed to my ass as the head of your cock is in between my ass cheeks being pressed down.

You rub softly the hot hand print that you just left on me and once more, I feel the burn from the next blow. This time, I let out a small whimpering sound as you pull back off of me and you grab a handful of my hair and gently pull my head back and whisper in my ear, "What did I say girl?" My body shakes with the feeling of guilt and sadness of letting you down from a simple but difficult task. " To not breathe a word nor a sound sir." "Mmm... Good girl. Now keep yourself quiet for me now and I shall treat you with the best. Do you understand?" I'm so excited for what awaits that I'm too happy to reply. "Sir, yes sir. I shall remain quiet so you can treat me with the best sir."

The stinging hand print on my ass is hot and I can feel its heat once again. I again feel you back against me once more and I find the utmost comfort to your place behind me. But that feeling is soon replaced by the hot, burning, stinging pain by another slap to my other ass cheek. I hear you softly moan while you gently rub where you just left a print on me. Once more I feel the hit and I feel myself

get pushed one step closer to the edge of an orgasm. My body tenses up and I shake a little.

You lean down to me to where you body shapes to mine and whisper "I am going to take you and you can not cum till I tell you. Do you understand?" My voice shakes. "Yes sir."

Once more you back away from me and I feel your now warm hands gently rub my hips and ass cheeks. I feel you spread me and put a finger inside me as I tense up. You immediately pull it out and tell me, "I will go no farther if you are about to cum. Do you understand?" "Yes sir. I will not cum until you tell me to sir." You lean down and kiss my lower back and whisper "Good". And again your fingers find me as you slide around my clit and hole but not touch it nor go in. And suddenly you pull back and your finger are quickly replaced with the swollen head of your cock. You gently play with my opening before grabbing my hips and slamming into me so hard I am almost knocked off balance.

My hands are firmly in place still on the table as you greedily take what's rightfully yours from me. I feel myself getting close as your fullness fills me and stretches me to fit you. My eyes are still closed but I want to open them so badly but I fear you will know my eyes are open and will stop. You stopping this wonderful feeling of allowing me to please my master is my worst fear right now.

Your hands tightly grip my hips as you pull into me harder with more force. I'm in such bliss from your pleasures that I almost don't hear you say "Mmm! That's my good little girl. Stay tight for your master!" I very quickly reply "Sir, yes sir. I will always be tight for you."

I feel you slowly start to get harder and slow down. My heart plummets. And I think to myself 'Please no! Let him continue. Please let him know I am here for his sole pleasure!"

I feel your hand move from my hip and then I feel the sting once more on my ass and I tense up and I hear you groan and slam into me once more. I feel your warm hot cum shoot to the farthest depths of my inner walls. You collapse onto me as I stand there in the stance you ordered thoroughly satisfied with myself for making you cum and happy with me.

You pull out of me as it makes a sloppy wet noise from our juices combined and I feel the liquids run down my legs and start to cool.

You grab my hips and pull me to a standing position and order me. "Turn around my angel and go to your knees." I do as I am told. I am eye level with your slick, dripping still semi erect cock. I then wait for further instruction. "My pet, I want you to clean this mess you have made. And you best not leave a drop behind or you will not cum for weeks!" "Sir, yes sir. I will not leave a drop behind. I want to please you, sir."

You take ahold of my hair and run your fingers through it as I get to work on your semi erect cock. Licking and sucking every inch of skin I can reach. I am reveling in the act that you are allowing me to do and how good it feels to have your hands in my hair softly petting my hair and running your hands through it and the feel of your hands just sends me so close but yet I start to feel a flutter in my stomach from nervousness.

All of a sudden with great force you grab a handful of hair and slam your cock down my throat almost causing me to gag but I held it down right as I thought I wasn't gonna make it. You saw this and laughed at me and said "Aww, what's wrong baby? My big cock too much for you?" as you gave one last slam into my throat before releasing my hair and slowing down pulling yourself out of my mouth.

I kept my head down as I waited on my next orders and instructions. You reach down and pull on my hand to bring me to my feet and tilt my head up to look at you. In this moment I feel the most loved and cherished more than I have my whole life. You run your fingers through my hair and dip your face down to kiss me very passionately. And you guide me down to the floor as we lay down on a soft Persian rug. You pull me on top of you and position me to where I am at perfect for your entrance. As soon as your cock enters me once more, you reach up, kiss me again "Make me cum again for you angel."

I get positioned right with my knees pulled up and my hands behind me on your thighs and slowly start to rock. I feel your hands grab my hips and hold on to me.

I hear the words escape your lips "Baby ride me hard and make my cock cum for you." Like a rush of warm hot air, my face flushes and I feel the wave building in my core.

I press my hands to your chest and just let go of myself. Letting my inner goddess take control and in a matter of what seems like seconds I feel like I am about melt into you. I feel your fingers digging into my hips harder and harder telling me "Yes baby, make me cum for you." Hearing this is music to my ears as I continue my rhythm and I feel your cock hardening by the second you make me suddenly stop and grab my hands and force them at your head and pin you down as you squirm trying to force your cock in as far in as you can get. I let go of your hands and you pull up to me and wrap my legs and arms around you. Seconds later, that final hot rush comes over me and I ask "Sir, may I please cum for you, sir?" You hold on to me tight and whisper "Yes, baby you can." And then, like a water levy broken, the wave washes over me and I start to speak a language that only he can comprehend. As the wave reaches its peak I feel your cock get harder than what it has ever been and I feel you explode into me as you softly say my name and slam into me over and over until we fall into each other.

What seems like hours later, you gently kiss my forehead as I come to from my euphoric bliss and you tell me to get dressed and make myself presentable and to get back to class and that you will see me again soon.

Dressed, I walk out of your office, my skirt too short, my shirt is tied in a knot at my waist and chunky heels clacking out on the wooden floors as I hear you chuckle out behind me.

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Sexy story. Good job!

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Thank you =)

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