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Whipped And Ready


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Here is a third story. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Whipped and Ready

Tara found herself restrained again with her hand tethered to the bedposts and her feet lashed to the sides of the bed. The clamps on her nipples where tightened just enough to produce an erotic pain/pleasure sensation. She could hear Ryan distantly padding around the house. He had to be several rooms away. She pulled at her restraints to see how much give Ryan left for her. She had about four inches of give at each hand and maybe eight inches with her legs. It was just enough to move and keep from getting cramps. She wasn’t completely naked. She had a pair silky tie side panties on. She wasn’t completely in the dark either. There was a night-light plugged into the wall socket on the other side of the room. The door was closed and there was sultry music emitting from the speaker to her right.

Tara began to wonder how long Ryan was going to leave her like this. Ryan liked to play games. This wasn’t the first time she was left tied up with Ryan off in another room. Ryan where are you? Are you coming back here? Tara called out. Waiting to hear Ryan respond Tara fell silent. Nothing, nothing was what Tara heard. There was total silence in the house. Waiting a few minutes Tara called for Ryan again, and again she heard nothing.

Ryan was sitting two rooms away smiling to himself. He was reading novel and making Tara wait. He wanted her frustrated. Twenty minutes should do it, he thought. She will be ready after that. He looked up at the clock and noted the time. He heard Tara calling for him twice more. Each time she seemed more desperate. At the twenty minutes mark Ryan walked down the hall.

Hearing the door open Tara looked for Ryan. Not seeing him she tried to lift her head up off the bed. Ryan was standing in the doorway just out of sight. Tara will you please lie down? I am not walking into the room until you stop struggling, so just relax and be calm. Ryan wasn’t asking, he was commanding. Tara relaxed and followed instruction. She heard the door close behind Ryan as he walked to the side of the bed. She felt him drag his fingers up her left arm to her shoulder. Do you understand what you did to deserve this? Tara why are you tied up? Tara didn’t answer. The next thing Tara felt was a sting from Ryan’s crop on her right thigh. I asked you a question Tara, now answer me. Ryan’s voice was firm but loving. Tara bit her lip. She wasn’t going to answer him. She felt another sting on her thigh, then another, and yet one more before she let out a yelp.

I don’t know why I am tied up. Why don’t you tell me? She knew that wasn’t the answer Ryan wanted to hear. She knew there would be another series of stings coming from Ryan’s crop. Sure enough she felt three more stings on her left thigh. Holding her breath she waited. Tara, dear, you know that I expect an answer. If you don’t answer me things are going to get much worse and you don’t want that, do you? Ryan waited before he reached down and pulled on the chain attached to Tara’s nipple clamps. That did it. Tara glared at Ryan. You shouldn’t do that. That isn’t very nice. Tara bit out at Ryan. Ryan tugged at the chain again. Alright, alright I know why I am tied up. Is that what you want to hear? I know why. Ryan was shaking his head before Tara was finished speaking. Tara, that is no way to talk to me. Now tell me why you are tied up and please remember whom you are talking to.

Tara sighed. I am tied up because I didn’t let you cum last night, Sir. I was selfish, Sir. If you let me free I promise I will make you cum, Sir. Ryan was chuckling. That’s better. Now don’t forget your place. Ryan tugged on the chain once more and let it drop to her chest. He walked to the foot of the bed and released her feet. Tara kicked her legs in the air glad to have the freedom of movement. In mid kick Ryan grabbed her ankles tightly and slammed them to the bed. What are you doing? I didn’t give you permission to move. Now you are going to have to pay for your misbehavior. Ryan pulled up her legs above his head and spanked her now exposed ass until it glowed. Dropping her legs he reached up to release her hands and flipped her over. Almost as fast as she landed face down on the bed she had her wrists clipped into the straps again. Ryan lifted her hips and had her on her knees. Now don’t move. Stay just like this.

Tara didn’t dare move even with the nipple clamps pressing into her flesh as her weight centered on her breasts pushing against the bed. Ryan reached under the bed and retrieved a strap for securing Tara’s ankle. After doing the same to the other leg he had Tara set for his wishes, on her knees with her ass in the air. Ryan ran his hands over her ass and up her back. He grabbed a handful of hair and tugged her head up. Tara tried to resist until she felt pain at the roots of her hair.

Tara, why are you resisting me? You know that if you don’t comply you will regret it. Ryan had complete control. Sir, you are hurting me. If you stop I will comply. I promise I will. Just let me go and I will be good. Tara lied and Ryan knew it. The only way you know how to be good is if I keep you in your place. Now just look at you, you have to be tied with your ass in the air before you begin to understand your place. That did it for Tara. She brought her knees together and pushed her body down on her legs. She was attempting to protect her sex from Ryan’s hands.

Ryan didn’t appreciate her defiance. He got off the bed and pulled out his leather-clad paddle. Positioning himself behind Tara, Ryan pushed her forward and up. Before she could resist he landed the paddle on her ass. Smack, smack, smack, the sound was unmistakable. Tara felt the heat begin to rise on her ass. He struck her twice more and she felt the heat rise between her legs. Ryan reached for the ties on her panties and pulled. Her silky covering dropped to the bed. Ryan grabbed them and could feel how damp they were.

This is exciting you. You are such a bad girl. You wanted to be spanked, didn’t you? You like having your ass in the air while I paddle it. When did you get so nasty? Ryan waited for a response. Tara wasn’t giving him the pleasure. Smack, smack, again he paddled her ass. Answer me! Smack, smack, he leveled his paddle against her ass again. Now Tara’s butt was stinging. Sir, I am not a nasty girl. You made me that way. If you weren’t so cruel I wouldn’t be so nasty. Tara wiggled her ass.

Ryan slid his hand between her legs and felt her excitement. Her juices were running down her legs. He pinched her clitoris. Tara jumped then relaxed as Ryan stroked her. A low moan escaped her lips. Ryan eased his middle finger inside of her and pressed on her g-spot. After a few seconds his hand was soaked. Without warning he grabbed his paddle and spanked her. Her pussy contracted around his finger with each strike.

Open your legs for me. Ryan commanded. Tara slid her knees apart and Ryan tightened the straps. She couldn’t bring her legs together now even if she wanted to. Ryan returned to stoking her wet pussy. Sir please, I need to be filled. I want you deep inside of me. Please Sir, fuck me. Tara was pleading.

You are not ready to be fucked by me. I wish you would learn to be patient. You always want something before it’s due. Ryan removed his hand and got off the bed. I’m sorry Sir. I’ll be patient. Please don’t go. Please Sir, I’ll be good. I will, I promise. Tara could see Ryan standing at the foot of the bed. She felt him climb back on the bed behind her. Before she could grasp what was happening she felt something big and cold being push into her. Just when she felt like she was completely full, Ryan withdrew the cold glass dildo and thrust it back in. Ryan found a rhythm that caused Tara to moan loudly. He began to roll her clit in his fingers as he thrust the glass in and out of her hot wet pussy. Now Tara was gasping for air, meeting his thrust and moaning louder than ever. After a few more thrusts she came. Her legs were shaking. Her pussy contracted around the glass dildo so tightly Ryan could barely move it.

Ryan eventually able to pull the dildo out. He freed her hands and had her upright on her knees. He removed the nipple clamps and tossed them across the room. You did it again. Tara you didn’t let me cum before you came. I see we are going to need more training. Tara smiled. She agreed they would definitely need more training.

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