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The Bendable Butterfly Left Me Breathless!

O. M. G.! I am a total skeptic when it comes to these "specially made" vibes, but this one left me absolutely breathless! This 100% silicone dual action vibe is not your normal vibe - oh no, this one is SPECIAL. This vibe is C-shaped so that when you insert it into your vagina, one end can stimulate your insides and G-spot, and the other can stimulate externally. The internal end of this creation is bulbous with a slight narrowing at the end with a "tip" that absolutely feels wonderful inside. The material is firm enough to offer up the proper pressure for G-Spot stimulation! Plus, there are 2 vibes inside this toy so you can get vibrated INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY at the same time! This is a GIANT plus! The external portion looks like a butterfly and the vibrating antennae are amazing! Seriously! They hit your clit just perfectly and the butterfly body has a powerful vibrator that stimulates your entire outer vaginal area.

The softness and pliable nature of this toy makes it a pleasure to insert (just remember, NO silicone lube). The toy is so bendable that you can easily adjust it to be where you need it to be! The controls are attached via a wire (so, not wireless unfortunately), but easy to use: one button for on/off and one for the different options of vibration. It is waterproof, takes 2AAA batteries and a giant plus: It is SUPER quiet! As I went through the 7 different vibration options I could barely hear this toy! Once inserted, it was even quieter!

When I inserted this toy the first thing I noticed was that the "tip" of the toy felt amazing all by itself. I positioned it on my G-Spot and started the vibrations. There are many to choose from - slow, strong, intermittent - I liked the most powerful one. I then, bent the top, external part down to tease my clit. O M G! This is where things got INTENSE! The combination of that internal tip on my G-Spot, the external vibrations AND the little antennae threw me into orgasm within a minute or less! Then, I pushed down on the outside portion of the toy to sort of "sandwich" myself between the internal and the external and I could feel the G-Spot building. I had an internal orgasm (with clitoral) and after a while built up to a mild G-Spot orgasm! Yeah, this toy is THAT good.

This is a really fun toy! I would recommend it to any user who wants to try something a little different. The size is acceptable for most players as well - 7 inches insertable length and perhaps 2 inches at the widest part of the "bulb." Because it offers internal and external stimulations at the same time, it appeals to all women. It is possible that this toy could be used anally if desired (just make sure you THOROUGHLY clean it before going back to vaginal use!). I really love this little toy and think you would too!


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