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Let's get to the point: This standard bullet is powerful, waterproof, quiet and has multi-speeds for variation. It has a little "tickler" on the end that is meant to provide some stimulation. Takes 2AA batteries. I was interested to see how that tickler would work, as there is only one "strand" and it is not very thick.

Pros: the bullet itself is pretty darn powerful. I would say not THE most powerful bullet out there, but pretty good. It is a standard sized bullet at a little over 2 inches long and 1.33" wide. This item is extremely affordable at just over 10 bucks! It is also waterproof, which is a giant plus for any play time experience (and it makes it easier to clean.

Cons: the teaser really doesn't work as well as I would like. It does flick fast and feels good, but, if you move the bullet too close to your clit (or whatever body part you are teasing) it sort of stops flicking the way you would like. The bullet itself still feels good, but the extra stimulator really doesn't work. When inserted I could't feel any difference with the tickler than I would with a standard bullet.

So, is this a good bullet: YES. Strong, quiet, waterproof, afordable.

Does the tickler add anything of value?: No, not really. It is not big or thick enough to offer what I needed. However, perhaps with partner play or a less sensitive woman this would be a good pick.

I still say, 10 bucks for a bullet and you can't go wrong!


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