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Thrusting Anal Vibe


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Pleasantly Surprised

I have tried a thrusting anal vibe once before and while it was a nice vibe, it didn't "thrust" per se, so I was very interested to see if this one would do the deed as I desired. Let me cut to the chase, while it took some lube and patience, once you got it going, it did its job perfectly!

At an impressive 5/75" of insertable length and a filling 1.75" width this TPR Rubber anal vibe provides a very filling experience indeed! The 4AA batteries bring this vibe to life with 3 thrusting speeds and 7 vibration levels. Being completely waterproof and having a suction cup, this toy has all the must haves for an anal toy.

I did not have anyone to help me play so solo I went. I prepped myself with some clitoral orgasms (always good to be aroused before anal play) and I figured it would be fun to play in the bathtub, then I could lower myself down onto the toy while it was stuck to the side of the tub. The suction cup works VERY well - once I stuck that sucker on, it didn't go ANYWHERE. I had to pry it off when I was finished...but I digress. I lubed myself and the toy up and straddled the toy. I slowly - slowly - slowly lowered myself down onto this bad boy. It is a nice sized toy so I took my time, allowing my anal canal to adjust to fit. Once I got all the way down - I took a minute to breathe - and then grabbed the controller to experiment with the vibrations and the thrusting. There is one on/off button and then one for vibration and one for thrusting. The vibrations I felt IMMEDIATELY. They were very, very nice. The thrusting took a bit of work. I had to use a bit more lube to make it slicker and I also had to sort of "stretch" myself a bit before it would thrust like I wanted.

There are 3 thrusting levels - slow -medium - fast. I was pleased with the slow. It seemed more...deliberate. Once I got myself thrusting and vibrating I was having a little party in my bathroom! I brought in a favorite waterproof bullet and started to tease my clit. The thrusting of this toy really helps to make it feel like you are being, well, "taken anally" by the toy. This did me in. I had a HUGE orgasm that caused me to shudder and clench against the toy - which effectively halted the thrusting until I relaxed. I found that amusing and wondered what my live partners must feel! In any event, this was a surprisingly pleasing toy.

I would not recommend this for an anal newbie, as it is a bit large for sure. While the end is tapered and the center gets larger, and this aids in insertion, the fact is, it is still a large toy. However, if you love anal like I love anal - then this toy is definitely a pick for you!


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