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Ripple Silicone Anal Plug


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I am interested and enjoy anal play so this grabbed my interest. I loved the varying bulbs of size. Obviously this toy is waterproof since no batteries are required. I took it out of the package and there was a slight new toy smell but it wasn't very strong. I washed up the toy in warm water and antibacterial soap.
In looking at this toy it looked very appealing. I generally am the type that I need a lot of warmup before anal play. So I started playing for a while and after I felt that I was very warmed up I felt it was time to go for it. I used a water based lube on the toy and slowly inserted it. I enjoyed feeling the four bulbs as I was inserting it. You start with the smallest and gradually increases. What is nice if you are a beginner you can use it to slowly increase in the size as you feel that you can enjoy it. A key to anal play is to never be in pain. If there is pain I would just back up a little and work up to it. It took me a while to get used to anal play.
It was very nice as I was at first slowly moving it in and out. I started increasing the speed and depth. I felt my anal orgasm building slowly and then had the great release. I definitely will be using this toy again.
A huge reminder with this toy it is 100% silicone so do not under any circumstances use silicone lube as it will ruin your toy. Also after done using the toy clean it very well and let it dry.

This is a great toy for beginner and advanced anal play enthusiasts.

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Mmmm...sounds FUN:)

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