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Climax Gems - Lavender Beaded


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Climax Gems - Lavender Beaded

When I received this vibe, I had high hopes. I love semi-realistic toys, and I adore purple, so this seemed like a great option.

Opening the package I was immediately impressed by the size - a little over 5" can be used internally! It's also around an inch in diameter, so I was excited to try it out.

It's covered in little nubs meant to ramp up the fun, made from a soft, flexible phthalate-free jelly, and waterproof.

After inserting the one AA battery it requires (the bottom twists off and has a rubber O-Ring to make it waterproof), I slowly twisted it on.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the strength went from weak to moderate. On the lowest setting this adorable little vibe makes a great teaser. On the highest, it's just not enough for me.

The nubs feel great when the vibe is gently slid in and out, and the flexible material means you can easily angle it to hit key spots. Used internally, it'll drive you wild - but not over the edge. Used externally, it's a great teaser, and with a little bit of perseverance it'll take you to a lovely, soft orgasm.

Pros -

Waterproof for bathtub play!

A very respectable size (think average american male!)

Only takes one battery!

Flexible and covered in love-nubs!

Quiet as heck!

Cons -

Not strong enough for me. Would probably be great for someone who prefers gentle to moderate vibrations.

Uses -

External teasing (whole body)

Internal use (anal and vaginal)

Funky door stop! (ok, no, don't do that)

All in all, a very respectable vibe at a very respectable price-point.

Great for beginners!

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  • Review Team

I agree with a lot of the reviews that the vibrations on this aren't very powerful, so this one probably won't do much for you if you need powerful vibrations to orgasm during masturbation.

Used by myself, this didn't do too much for me (I'm a clit stimulation NEEDED type girl) but when used with my male partner it has given me an amazing night of kinky memories I couldn't possibly soon forget!

Our absolute favorite way to use this toy is for me to bend over his lap while taking him in my mouth as he thrusts our little lavender gem in and out.

He seems to really get off being able to control the speeds, starting the penetration with no vibrations, and very slowly turning the dial up as he gets faster and faster until I am orgasming non-stop! After this gets me all hot, wet and ready for the main event, this toy is also the perfect size for holding to my clit while we are actually having sex.

The Beaded Lavender Climax Gem is definitely perfect for any person looking for a small, discreet, and super cute toy to travel with!

If you do travel with it, make sure to remove the battery as the control on this is a bit too loose and can easily turn itself on when in luggage or a purse.

Personally, I think this one is most perfectly suited to those looking for a cute but effective toy for use with a partner- male or female.

I also think this is the perfect intro to vibrating dildos for those who just don't know what to look for in a toy yet. I can also totally see how this would be great for those into anal but maybe not for people new, or sensitive to, anal play (He did want to try that but I couldn't handle it, the nubs were a bit too much for me.)


My partner complained that the control is too loose and that it was too easy to accidentally turn the dial while playing.

Its very cute; it has almost zero odor or taste; it can be used with water or silicone based lubes; is made of a very flexible and soft phthalate-free plastic jelly (so you or your partner have an easier time not getting hurt in the heat of the moment, as I have been in the past with harder plastic toys); it has a cute semi-realistic head (the smoothness helps with insertion); it only takes one (AA) battery; it is waterproof for easy cleanup and shower play (or bath time fun... I normally don't trust the tub with toys, but hey, if thats the only place to escape to while on vacation...); has a dial that is separate of the cover screw (making it easy to really control the settings); and, finally… those nubs!

I noticed that the faster my partner went, the more amazing these little nubs started to feel. At one point he was thrusting away so fast that I actually started to get a sort of cooling sensation. These little nubs are definitely the best part!



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I guess I am a little partial as this is my favorite color. It intrigued me when I received it. The nubs all over it looked very interesting. The toy measures 6 inches long and has a diameter of 1.25 inches. He is waterproof which is a definite plus.

When I took it out of the packaging I realized the shaft is very flexible and there was no new toy smell. I unscrewed the cap and saw that it takes just 1 AA battery. I inserted the battery and made sure to screw the cap back on tightly just in case I decided to play in the water that way nothing would happen to hurt my new friend.

I turned on the vibe via the turn dial at the bottom of the toy. I would say it goes from low to medium and is very quiet which I love. With being a single mom you need something quiet just in case the kids are in a nearby room. I ran my hand along the shaft and was loving the feel of the nubs on the shaft. I couldn't wait to see how those nubs would feel inside of me.

I took a little water based lube and got him ready for play time. I turned him on low and started teasing myself. I was slowly moving him in and out. With each thrust I was letting him slip in just a little bit further. The nubs were just right. I was finding them very enjoyable. I was really enjoying the feel of this toy. I could feel my orgasm building but knew that this would not be the toy to take me over the edge. It was a nice toy for building up with.

I would say this is a perfect toy for a beginner. For the advanced user they might not be thrilled with this toy. I of course still love its color.

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  • Review Team

My favorite things about this toy are its size and its flexibility. I had never tried a toy with nubs before, so I was nervous but excited. I was surprised, in a good way, at how much vibration this toy has with only one AA battery powering it. I started out with the tip of the vibrator on my clit, then added a generous amount of lube, slid the shaft up and down the outside of my vagina and then slowly inserted it. It was easy to twist and bend the shaft of this toy and I was able to get the vibration right on my gspot as well as massage it with the nubs at the same time. This was a fantastic sensation!! Thank goodness it's also waterproof because it got very wet down there. It was very quiet, so no need to hide under a blanket to muffle the sound! The control dial is easy to turn and makes it possible to operate this little guy with one hand, leaving your other hand free to explore something or someone else! It also was really easy to clean up and didn't feel sticky afterwards. If you haven't tried a toy with nubs before, this is a great introduction to them.

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