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When I received this I was unsure what to think due to its small size but I have learned not to judge a book by its cover. I took it out of the package and was delighted to see how bendable the shaft was. I washed it up in warm water and antibacterial soap. The great thing is that this toy is waterproof. Makes for many options.

After washing it up I decided to put the batteries in. I thought this would be a breeze. You unscrew the cap and can see that it takes just 2 AAA batteries. Unfortunately there is nothing to tell you which way they needed to go. I tried several combinations and finally found the right one. I screwed on the cap and made sure it was tight as we don't want to take any chances of water getting inside the toy. If water gets in the fun will be over.

The toy has a turn dial to adjust the vibration. Unfortunately though it adjusts the vibe but does not turn off. I had to unscrew the cap and remove the batteries in order to turn the toy off. I did notice that the vibe was quiet and felt to be strong. I am a gal that likes a strong vibe.

Now thought it was time to test this bad boy out and see how it works as I love teasing my gspot. I started first by using it on my clit to get myself warmed up some. As I started feeling myself getting turned on I then inserted it some to tease a little before going for the mighty gspot. Unfortunately I would have liked for the shaft to be a little more rigid for this. It didn't provide for the stiffness I needed to tease my gspot properly. I will say though there are other uses for this toy besides just the gspot. I enjoyed teasing my clit with it. I also used it to tease myself anally as well. Remember no matter what toy you have many of them can be used in a variety of combinations.

I would recommend this toy for a beginner or advanced user. Also the nice thing this toy is quiet just in case there are children or a roommate in the house.

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