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10-Function Pleasure Bendie


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Fantastically Flexible

Have you ever had a toy and wish it were just a bit more flexible? For that matter, have you ever had a man and thought the same thing? I have! In fact just the other day I was on top of my play partner and bent back and it felt so good until I heard, "MIKAYLA! Stop, you are gonna break it!" Had to stop pre-orgasm. Bummer. Well, with this toy you will never have to stop and you can bend your B.O.B. any way you choose!

This vibe has so much going for it. First, it is made of "pure skin" which is a super soft, supple material that feels amazing inside you. The shaft has deep, spiral ridges to give you a nice textual contrast and these ridges felt GREAT inside me when I played. There are 10 different vibration functions / patterns AND the toy remembers which one you left off on - so if you found the winner, it will start with that one the next time you play. It is completely waterproof for fun in or out of the tub and washes up easily. Plus, of course, the BENDABILITY. Seriously, twist, bend, shape this toy to be the ultimate penis just for you!

For me this is how playtime went. Inserted the 3AAA batteries in the base and then started bending. It is flexible, but it won't bend out of shape easily. So, I made a little "curve" and sort of "s" shape to the toy and then started to play. Firstly, this toy feels AMAZING inside. The pure skin and the ridges rock! Then, the extra bend I put in the toy was quite satisfying. I worked it in and out of me and felt all my inner spaces being touched. The vibrations are awesome. Not as strong as I would prefer, but still pretty darn strong and you can feel them through the entire toy. I had a lot of fun having an orgasm and then changing the shape of the toy. It is like multiple toys in 1!

Highly recommended for any player - new or experienced - and any woman who wants a customizable masturbation experience!


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