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Roll On Baby, Roll On...

OK, so when this BIG ole box came in my last shipment I was intrigued, but I kept it for a while until I could really examine it. This toy sort of looks like an iron with a rounded bottom. The handle on top has the on/off button and vibration change button. The bottom is a light purple silicone with lots of ridges for interesting texture. It is completely rechargeable and comes with the power adapter. You should charge this item for 8 hours before use. Completely waterproof, you can bring your Ro-Lo into the bath or shower and massage all the tensions away.

The idea behind the Ro-Lo is not just a vibrator, but a whole-body massager. I am a fan of the dual-purpose toy because the more relaxed you are, the better an orgasm feels. Once this item was charged I got nekkid (you know, naked but with a more dirty tone). I grabbed my massager and turned it on. The vibes are nice and quiet and the entire bottom of this toy vibrates. I ran the massager over my legs. It is easy to hold and press down for a quality massage. This is not as concentrated as, let's say a Hitatchi is, but the ability to push down on it (like an iron) would make massaging a partner very nice. I can imagine someone ironing the muscle knots out of my back!

Now I was, of course, curious about using this in a sexy way so I spread my legs and went down lower. I ran this between my legs and my clit said "hellllo!" I pressed the vibration level to the strongest, most constant setting and just ran it over my vaginal area. The ridges feel quite nice and the vibrations are strong. I pressed it firmly against my clit and had a quick orgasm. Then I ran it over my whole area again, then pressed it hard for another orgasm. I would say that this toy is fairly powerful, but not as directly stimulating as a smaller vibrator.

Overall, I think this is a great item to have. You can have a functional massage followed my an intimate one. Couples would definitely benefit from having this toy to rub all over sore muscles and relieve stress. Then, you can take turns hitting your intimate spots - nipples, thighs, balls, vaginal area - to see what can happen!

Definitely an investment at $130, but with the rechargeable batteries and the multi-functional uses, it is well worth the bucks!


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