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80Mm Rechargeable Bullet Gold


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80mm Rechargeable Bullet Gold

I am a avid bullet user, what can I say I love the convenience. What I always feel is a downside is the replacement of batteries I am always having to buy as it can get rather expensive quickly. I was super excited when I received my new 80mm Rechargeable Bullet, at first glance the cosmetic elegant look alone had me intrigued. Inside the box was a well made sleek black compact case with a clear top to view inside. The gold bullet rested nicely in a charging dock against a nice sized compact mirror, perfect for fixing your hair or wiping away the sweat from your brow when you are done. The USB cord is nestled neatly inside the bottom of the case with easy to remove lid for convenient storage. The bullet itself can easily be placed in the charging dock with no hassle or fuss, and a red light to show it has power. The bullet itself had many different vibration modes 7 to be exact and on the most part put out pretty decent vibrations. For those who like a steady stream vibration like myself it has 3 settings to choose from ranging from low, Med, High or if your in the mood a range of patterned vibrations. The bullet itself can last up to 2 hours on a single full charge that takes roughly 40-45 minutes, making it ideal for foreplay and will last through your pleasure times and can be shut off by simply holding your finger down on the end. The gold bullet is advertised to be quite quiet but I have to say while using it seems to be a tad on the noisy side. The power it produces is quite nice, personally I prefer a much stronger direct power, which it did not provide for me. Outside of the amazing appearance and easy charging convenience I did not find much of difference in this bullet compared to my others. I was a bit let down by that fact myself but generally if this was someone's first vibrator I would be extremely pleased with it.



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The Final Bullet!

How many times have you all read about me buying bullets after bullets after bullets? I love bullets! They are the "do all" sex toy in my opinion. Great for masturbation, great for sex - small, quiet, discreet, portable, powerful - what is there NOT to love? Well, for me the largest 2 drawbacks of the bullet are: all the batteries I used (taking frequently from the remote controls in the house) and the cord that connects to a controller, I find it can be annoying. Well, this bullet has NEITHER of those needs! No cord and NO batteries because it is cordless and rechargeable! SOLD!

This bullet is not only functional, but stylish! It comes in a sort of "compact" looking round container that serves as the charging station and there is a mirror (as with a standard compact) so you can do that last minute "do I look sexy" check before your playtime! The charger is a USB port that folds perfectly into the base for easy storage and transport. The bullet itself is shiny gold (which is not my favorite color, but it looks sleek and feels smooth) and is a decent size with a traditional bullet shape. The bullet turns on/off and changes through the 7 powerful functions by just pushing the button on the bottom.

Charging took around 45 minutes (a red light pops on when charged) and the best part? It has 2 hours of CONTINUOUS charge - which should give even the most serious players more than enough time to play! So, why not plug in your new bullet buddy while you peruse the TooTimid site, then when it is charged you can go and relieve the tensions you got from thinking of all the sexy things you want to do!

For me, the biggest test of a bullet is POWER! I like high power, strong vibrations and an 'easy to hold' bullet so I can play and have many climaxes. This bullet ROCKS! IT is fairly quiet (not whisper quiet) and has decent power offering many different vibration levels and patterns to satisfy any desires. My desire was strong and steady and I got it! I found myself climaxing repeatedly and quickly due to the power and the design of my new rapid fire friend!

Now, this is a more expensive option for a bullet - but - you will NEVER have to buy batteries, the cord won't break or get tangled up, it has a beautiful carrying case AND it is super strong! I say, well worth the buckeroos! This would be great for any level of player, and would make a fairly elegant gift for let's say a bachelorette!

They say you only need one bullet to do the job - and that is definitely true in this case!


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Yup, that is exactly what I thought! You could even take it on a plane in that case.

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