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Shane's World Sophomore Bunny Dual Stimulator


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It's Shane's World...And I Like It!

OK, admit it, you are thinking of the Wayne's World theme song right? Well, if you want a totally excellent masturbation experience, the Shane's World Sophomore Bunny may be the thing for you! A typical dual action with a G-Spot twist, this version of the dual action has its unique benefits. Imagine a miniature version of the standard rabbit vibe: rotating pleasure beads, intense vibration / pulsation and the patented "flicking" bunny ears - but with a shorter, more compact shaft length and a curved G-spot tip that is WATERPROOF for fun in and out of the tub! All this in fun and flirty bold colors like: Orange, Pink and Green!

I was excited to play with this version of the rabbit because I am a girl who has a shorter vaginal canal. Translation, I can not always handle the length of some toys. This one seemed like the perfect fit. Plus, it had a G-Spot tip - and that is new for a rabbit toy!

I inserted the 4AAA batteries and settled in for play. I notice that the G-spot tip was a bit firm, yet still flexible. I was unsure as to whether this would make G-Spot play easy or ineffective. When I inserted this toy I noticed that the G-Spot tip felt amazing inside me - and not even on my G-Spot but generally. I pressed the on/off button for the shaft vibrations and the toy sprang to life. Then I hit the separate on/off button for the clitoral stimulator. VERY nice and powerful. Plus, the cutesy heart shaped buttons just scream LOVE ME!

For me, this toy had the perfect mixture of clitoral power and shaft vibration experience. While I did try to get the G-Spot tip to line up with clitoral stimulator, the tip still felt amazing inside me. Furthermore, the length of the shaft worked amazingly for me. I climaxed quite a few times using this toy, but unfortunately not a G-Spot orgasm. Perhaps with more stimulation.

Overall, I would recommend this toy to anyone, especially newbies. This is a gentle way to ease yourself into playing with a dual action.


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