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Too Hot To Handle!

Caution: This is a LARGE toy

Let me begin this review with this premise: Oh. My. God. This. Vibe. Is. BIG! I have played with and enjoyed some large dildos and vibrators in my day, but this one take the, um, pie! Holy Moly! When I picked up this item from my box I was struck with how darn heavy it is! Like, I could do weight lifting with it! Also, it looks quite "girthy" for me - but I am willing to try anything. It is pretty realistic with a nice head, smooth shaft and balls (and a suction cup for that hands free play time). It is harness ready in case you want to share this extra large main attraction! Made of a standard jelly / rubber mix, this toy is solid, yet slightly bendable, and smooth for easy (yeah, OK) entry. Solid also means waterproof!

I have to admit, I had to work myself up to play with this toy. I made sure that I was very, very aroused with lots of orgasms pre-play. I also got a quality water-based lubricant for easier insertion. My first attempt of 3 was to try and simply insert while laying on my back and pushing it in. That did not work. Not AT all. It was simply too large for me and although I was certain it would fit, it was not working in that position. My next attempt was to sort of hang off of the side of the bed, with my feet on the wall, and try to push it in that way. Again, no go. Just a bit too heavy and awkward to squeeze into me. Not for nothing but I am pretty tight.

Finally, I thought I would utilize the suction cup base! EUREKA! So, I went and mounted "him" on to the bath tub side, slathered him with MORE lube, and hovered above. I said a little sex mantra and started to lower onto him. Oh man. This toy is quite large. I slowly worked myself down onto it. Slowly. SLOWLY. Slow ans steady wins the race with this one. Finally, after a good 5 minutes I had worked myself down about half way. I felt amazingly full. I had brought a little bullet with me to play so I started teasing myself little by little...and would stop pre-orgasm (I didn't need it to be TIGHTER! ) Finally I was sunk completely down. I have never felt so full before. I bounced up and down a bit and used my bullet to cum. The sensation was....well, indescribable. Large dildos have a way of tantalizing all of your tender insides at once and that is exactly what this did!

I would NOT recommend this toy for a newbie. I would NOT recommend this toy for an average player. I would only recommend this toy to any of you who really want to be STRETCHED! So, if you have an interest in feeling completely full and can handle the stretch - then this could be YOUR main attraction! For me,this toy will stay tucked away for those occasions when I need a challenge!


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