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Dry Ejaculations


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There are certain medical procedures to treat prostate problems that leave a man having dry ejaculations for the rest of his days.

So the question is, would that be a good thing or a bad thing, if you or your man were in that situation?

I think I would miss wet ejaculations. While dry ones would probably make for easier cleanup, I have come to depend on (not to be icky here, but) my stuff to be a lubricant when I finger the Mrs. after boinking, as that is the main way to get her to orgasm, since she almost never does during intercourse. (edit to add . . .) And beyond that, it feels like it would not be proper sex without making a good mess.

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There have been times when I have had orgasms without ejaculation. It is a bit different. Is it better of worse? That is hard to,say. When it did happen the woman I was with (my ex) was convinced I didn't cum. So for her I'd say it was worse.

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