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Love at first sight? Could be! I found the Nimbus Mini, and fell in love with the sleek, contoured design. So Of course I had to order it! Once ordered it came via USPS and TooTimid's ultra discreet box. I often wonder if my mail lady has any clue what she's handling, haha! I pulled it out of the mailbox and ran inside to see how this beaut compared to what I saw online. Once I opened the packaging, I was floored with how vibrantly teal/blue this is! The color is amazing, and the silicone sleeve is so velvety soft! This mini vibe has 2 speed vibrations and at five inches long you can use this baby to get in the best places, like the bed, the car, movie theater, pool... Did I mention it's waterproof? Oh yeah, and I love that feature! It takes 1 AA battery (Not included, but hey, you can always find a AA battery... right?) Once I realized all the fun I could have with yummy images running through my mind of the fun the Nimbus Mini and I could have together (Can you tell my Significant Other was away?) I decided it was time to dive in and see how well this sophisticated and sleek toy works!

I used a gentle soap solution to clean off my new toy, and then climbing onto the bed I immediately clicked it to the highest vibe and started gliding it around those intimate places we all know and love! I have to admit I was enjoying this far more than I thought I would! I decided to take the sleeve off and see how the vibration was without the sleeve. I was shocked! Underneath that smooth silicone exterior the plastic was just, breathtaking. Suck a pretty design molded to the length, The vibration was also quite a bit heavier was well. Not as heavy as I like it, but it definitely got the job done! I have to admit I am not a one time kind of girl, so off to the shower to get even more wet! I did put the silicone sleeve back on for the shower play. I did definitely enjoy it more in the shower, maybe it had to do with all that water! Once I was weak-kneed and appropriately sated, (and of course after washing it off again) I put it on my "favorite" side of the toybox.

Cons: I have to admit that there are not to many cons to this toy. Sure, it could be stronger. But then it would also be louder, and the silicone sleeve does help to muffle the noise a good bit. Without the silicone sleeve it is not as loud as most other mini vibes.

Pros: Perfect length that you would want in a mini-vibe, excellent color. The Nimbus Mini is Waterproof, and the silicone sleeve is an awesome velvety slipcover that is contoured and textured to be smooth and sleek. Once the Sleeve is taken off you have a slightly louder, yet if possible, more beautiful vibe. The sweet designs going all around add a great texture when using this awesome little toy!

Overall: This toy is great for beginners and the experienced alike! 2 speeds that are not overly strong, and the texture, whether you have the sleeve on or off, is absolutely thrilling. I have to say that the Nimbus Mini will have a spot in my "Favorite" Toy drawer, because let's be honest, a good toy is hard to find! I don't think you will regret ordering this sleek waterproof beauty!

*Edited to add link* :)

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Great review. However, could we get a link to the item please?

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  • Review Team

@Tyger Went ahead and added the link! Sorry about that! :)

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