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50 Shades Insatiable Desires Mini G-Spot Vibe


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Not Exactly A Hit...

It is quite true that most women do desire a G-Spot orgasm and for most women, having one alone can be difficult if not impossible at times. G-Spot vibrators often can get us there, if they have the right combination of elements.

The 50 Shades Mini G-Spot vibrator looked to be promising. It was compact in size (and you really do not need a large or long vibrator for G-Stim), made of smooth silicone, has a curved end for G-Spot stimulation, is firm to the touch and not too bendy (you need that for proper friction) and it has 10 levels of vibration to really get you where you want to go - and it is waterproof!

All the signs hinted that this toy would be successful when I tried to go for the G-O! I made sure to have my favorite bullet handy for clitoral stimulation, placed in the batteries and away I went. This toy is light and compact, easy to insert, not very wide (which was a downer for me, I like larger toys), and the curved tip was firm and felt good teasing my insides. This toy was easy to hold and maneuver, but I found it to be just a bit too small to get the proper angle that I needed. I finally got my spot stimulated and kept the vibrations on the highest level. I brought myself to a few nice orgasms with the toy - and felt the build-up of the G-Spot orgasm, but for whatever reason, just could not get over the hump!

This toy is a quality item with smooth contours, sensual materials, compact size and yummy vibrations. I definitely found it enjoyable despite the lack of G-O. Would recommend this toy to newbies or women who want a smaller vibrator and perhaps some G-Spot experimentation.

I wish I could tout this toy as a G-Spot miracle item - but sadly, I cannot. However, what doesn't work for me may work for you! As Mr. Grey would say, "try and try again!" - or maybe he wouldn't - but I would!


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