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I Want You To Watch... (Part One)


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I Want You to Watch…

Stay there. Rene stopped Brian when he entered the room. She was seated in an oversized stuffed leather chair at the far end of the room. Brian froze. Rene had one leg thrown over on arm of the chair. Her button down blouse was undone and open. She had one hand tucked inside her lace panties. Her puffy lips parted as she drew circles around her clitoris. Stay right there, don’t move. Just watch. Her voice was sultry and seductive. Brian reached for his zipper. No, no, no, don’t touch yourself. I told you not to move, just watch. She could see the bulge growing in Brian’s pants. Rene smiled and slipped a finger inside of her opening. Her liquid was coating her hand. This whole time she had been toying with her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples.

Brian stepped forward. Again he was told to stop. Brian, my love, no. I want you to watch. Rene was gliding two fingers in and out of her lace-covered pussy. Brian stared in amazement. Rene had never come close to acting this way before. Rene gave him an icy stare. He wasn’t going to be allowed to touch her, not yet anyway.

Bringing her leg off the arm of the chair, Rene slid her lace panties off. She placed her leg back up and took a purple dildo off the table next to her. Brian hadn’t noticed the selection of toys next to Rene until this moment. She began to run the big purple device between her labial lips. Brian could see her juices coating the thick shaft. Slowly Rene brought her toy to the top of her slit then back down. Low moans drifted past her open mouth. Her nipples were thick and hard between her fingers. She was teasing Brian. She loved it.

Brian’s bulge was straining to be set free. He was clearly uncomfortable. Rene smiled. She kept running the dildo up and down. Once it was fully coated with her wet juices she plunged it into her. In one move she took the full length, let it settle then withdrew only to plunge back in. her breathing changed. She had a devilish grin. My pussy is so wet. Rene moaned. It’s so tight and wet. Oh God, it’s good, so good. She continued to pleasure herself.

Brian was stuck in neutral. He wanted release. He could only follow instruction. His pants were about to burst. He stepped behind the couch and attempted to rub his erection on it as he watched Rene. She caught him. Brian, no, none of that, now come around here so I can keep an eye on you. He did as he was told. Rene smiled and increased the rhythm between her legs. She started to pant. Brian I need to cum. You want to see me cum, don’t you? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Oh fuck, I’m going to fuck myself till I cum. Rene reached for her bullet. Turning it on she placed it just above her clit. The vibrations were strong. She was gasping now. Moans were continuous. Her legs began to shake. Her juices were running onto the leather chair. Each plunge of her thick toy made an unmistakable sound. She was so close to climax it actually hurt. She pushed the dildo deep twice more. She came violently. She shook. She screamed. Her whole body convulsed. Each quake left her gasping for air.

Brian was stunned. He had never seen her cum so hard. When the last shutter slowed, Brian approached. Rene still had the thick purple toy inside of her dripping pussy. He reached out and slowly pulled it free. Rene moaned.

Without warning Rene grabbed Brian’s shirt. She ripped the buttons free. They went flying. Rene laughed wickedly. She pulled at his belt and slid it off. Once Brian’s pants were unbuttoned they dropped to the floor. She tore at his underwear then knelt in front of him. Grasping his hard shaft she kissed its head.

Marta walked into the room. Brian didn’t see her until she stroked his arm. Marta passed Brian to raise Rene to her feet. She brought Rene to her lips and passionately kissed her…

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Glad you enjoyed. It was fun to write.

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I have posted both part 2 and part 3 under there own posts. Look at the stories and click on part 2 to find the story then the final to find the end. Hope this helps and you enjoy.

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