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Rockbox Finger: Pleasure Power Tool


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I'm Giving YOU the FINGER!

No, not THAT finger - an amazing new toy called the RockBox FInger. Why is it called that? It will ROCK your BOX baby!! Seriously, this is a very unique toy that I will highly recommend right off the bat. I have tried a few "finger" toys before, but this one is bar-none the best one I have ever encountered and here is why:

Made of silicone, the "finger" is soft and supple BUT it is also firm and non-pliable so it offers fantastic G-Spot and general internal stimulation. The power in this thing is unmatched. Seriously strong vibrations that can tease you to an O in no time flat. FInally, this toy THRUSTS! Yes, you read that right. It THRUSTS so that you can stimulate that G-Spot easily wihtout having to move the actual toy!

Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is but there are a few things that are downsides to this toy - or, rather - hurdles to overcome.

First, getting the battery case off this toy was the absolute most frustrating experience I have ever had trying to insert batteries. The instructions say to "press the indentations on the base and remove battery cover." OK, sounded simple. I looked on the base and I saw what looked like a circle right on the break spot between the base and the cover. I pushed there. I pushed again. I PUSHED HARD! I pushed, pulled, twisted - pulled, twisted and pushed - I used pliers, I even bit it. It would NOT open. I put the toy down and walked out of my bedroom frustrated to high holy hell. I decided one more try. I gathered up my She-woman strength and pushed in hard while pulling the base and it finally unlatched and I could wiggle it open! HOLY MOLY! I inserted the 4AAA batteries and closed it back up. PHEW!!!

OK girls - it was worth the effort.

This toy is marketed as being a power pleasure tool - and it is just that - A POWERFUL TOOL! On the base there is a button that operates the 3 vibration / thrust levels. I pushed it and this toy sprang to life in my hand. It is a LOUD toy. LIKE LOUD. If you want or need discreet - this isn't it. However, if you want a toy that can make you orgasm - this IS it! In my hand the vibrations were so strong that my fingers started to go a bit numb. YEAH BABY!

WORD OF CAUTION: The toy does THRUST so be very, very careful what you put in between the finger and the base as it will pinch you a bit if you put your fingers (or labia skin) too close to the break. Nothing that is going to hurt badly, but avoiding being pinched is ideal.

When I played with this item I was soooooo impressed with the strength of those vibrations that I didn't use the highest setting right away - which for me, is ODD. I used it externally to pleasure my clit and came quickly and repeatedly. The firmness of this toy is amazing for G-Spot stimulation. It went right to my spot. After some clitoral Os and some pressure on my G-Spot I started to have G-spot orgasms. AMAZING and FAST ones!

When I was done playing with this toy I wanted to have a cigarette and I don't smoke. I wanted to cook this toy dinner and spoon with it all night. I love this toy. I. LOVE. THIS. TOY.

It is truly that good. Go buy one. Now. Seriously, go buy one. What? Well what are you waiting for?

Here is a link. Go. Now. Thank me later. Really. http://www.tootimid.com/rockbox-finger-pleasure-power-tool-7718.html

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Sounds like a nice new toy for my girl ill have to show her, Thanks Mikayla :) :) :) :) :)

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