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Scandal Collar Body Restraint


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If you know anything at all about little, ole' me it is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bondage play of any and ALL kinds. So, when this little device popped into my latest review box I was THRILLED and very anxious to show my boyfriend what fun we could have using it. The concept is quite smart, actually. It is an adjustable collar made of a soft material in a seductive dark red and black lacy print. Down from the collar is a length of tether with loops attached at various heights along the tether and then the bottom is an adjustable "belt" that will keep the restraints in place. The restraints can be put on the front of the body or turned around to the back. Both options have unique possibilities for restraint. This kit comes with two handcuffs (made of the same material and colors) that can be attached to any of the rings (or used alone) as they have an attachable universal clasp.

So, how did I use this little system you want to know? I showed my boyfriend how they work (he is new to bondage play - lucky him to have me as a teacher!) and he decided he would like my hands bound behind my back. I got naked (cause that is more fun) and we put the collar on so that the rings were in the back. He placed the cuffs on my wrists and then clasped the cuffs to the rings on the back so that my hands were on the lowest rings (hitting mid back). The neck collar and cuffs are very comfortable and a quick tightening of the belt made these restraints taught and I was effectively bound!

We enjoyed various play while my hands were secured behind me (nope, not gonna give you the naughty details) - and the crescendo of play was when he bent me forward to enter me from behind and used the tether line to pull me back into him (while still bound) - SUPER HOT!!!

I am anxious to see what other positions we can enjoy with this versatile restraint set! The size is pretty generous, but it is NOT one size fits all. I would say it could be used on a man as well, as the rings and clasps are very secure. Why not give it a go and see how scandalous you can be in your bondage bedroom?

Be DOMINANT, buy this now: http://www.tootimid.com/scandal-collar-body-restraint-7990.html

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